5 Easy tips to throw a Bachelor in Paradise watching party


Is watching Bachelor in Paradise one of your guilty pleasures? With this five easy tips, you can have the ultimate watching party.

Watching Bachelor in Paradise can be the ultimate escapism. Each week there seems to be more drama, tension and hopefully a happy ending. While you might laugh and cry, a BIP watching party can be a fun event.

Whether you are catching up on all the action or preparing for the season finale, a few easy tips can make your Bachelor in Paradise watching party a great one. Although your home might not be the Playa Escondida Resort, you can get a feel of that tropical paradise.

1. Create a beach inspired table

While you might not want sand on the floor, a bright, tropical looking table can make any area feel like the beach. Coterie has some vibrant table sets that can make you feel like you are part of that tropical paradise. Sunscreen isn’t required.

2. A great cocktail

While Bartender Wells has mixed up some tasty libations, the drink of the season seems to be tequila and soda. It is rather light, somewhat refreshing.

In a way, this cocktail is similar to having a margarita. I would suggest adding a splash of lime to add a little more flavor.

3. Don’t forget the guacamole

Can you ever go wrong with guacamole? Even if you don’t want to serve this tasty dish with chips, you can serve some tasty crudité with guacamole.

Whether you buy a version from a store or make your own, add a few surprises. A few pepitas or even some chopped pineapple can make a regular guacamole into something really special.

4. Add some flamingo flare

Flamingos seem to be everywhere. Even if you don’t have a pool, a few flamingo inspired decorations can add some fun to any watching party. From drink straws to plates, a little bit of bright pink can bring the smiles even with the saddest BIP announcement.


5. Roses

Can you ever have a Bachelor watching party without roses? Be a little creative with those pretty flowers. You could even go out on a limb and have a Smirnoff Seltzer Raspberry Rosé. Colton Underwood handed out this beverage at this weekend’s Fizz Fight.

Of course, these easy tips are just a few ideas. Don’t forget to get your box of tissues and your phone. You will want to share those reactions with all your friends.

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