7 tips for the perfect guacamole from guacamolero Ruben Castillo


Do you know how to make the perfect guacamole? With these tips from La Fonda’s Ruben Castillo, guacamole is going to be even tastier.

The perfect guacamole is attainable. While La Fonda’s guacamolero Ruben Castillo is a master at making a delicious guacamole, everyone can learn from his tips and tricks. Are you ready to take your guacamole to the next level?

How do you make a delicious guacamole? Whether you call it a dip, a spread or even a condiment, guacamole has become a staple. Even with its growing popularity, everyone has a different way of making it.

From chunky to smooth or simple to elevated, everyone has a preferred recipe. Still, a few tricks can make any recipe taste even better.

La Fonda, located in the historic Santa Fe Plaza in New Mexico, shared some simple tips and tricks from its guacamolero Ruben Castillo. Since he has made his fair share of guacamoles, these tips and tricks for the perfect guacamole have been proven.

Are you ready to put these tips to the test?

Pick a great avocado

The right avocado makes a big difference. A ripe avocado should be firm yet yield to a little bit of pressure. Simply squeeze the avocado in the palm of your hand to check the ripeness. Try to avoid avocados that aren’t the right consistency.

Salt is important

Any good cook knows that salt adds flavor. In the case of guacamole, salt brings out the flavor of the avocado. Just remember to season and taste. You can’t unsalt a dish, so it is best to salt, taste and continue the process till you get the perfect flavor.


An authentic guacamole contains some cilantro. But, cilantro can be a controversial flavor. Some people love it and other people refuse to eat it. There is a personal preference to the flavor. If you really don’t like cilantro, you can leave it out.

Add some acid

A squeeze of lime juice adds some delicious brightness to a guacamole. Citrus, from the lime juice, adds that punch of flavor. Even just half a lime can make a difference.

Spice it up

Some people like a little kick and other people really bring the heat. Whether you use a small amount of jalapeno or prefer an even bolder pepper, the heat from a pepper can be a nice counter point to the creamy avocado.

Add some more ingredients

When it comes to the perfect guacamole, there is a personal preference. Adding other ingredients, like chopped tomatoes, diced onions and even some pineapple shows the versatility that guacamole offers. Experiment with different ingredients and see which flavors you prefer.

Mix lightly

There is a difference between a guacamole and a crema. Chunky guacamole is often preferred by many people. Castillo uses a wooden spoon and a metal tablespoon to mix up his version. By tapping the edges, he can get the right consistency.

Truthfully, everyone has a different technique. A big bowl can be helpful to mix everything consistently. The idea is to keep texture while still creating a consistent flavor.

These guacamole tips could help you create the perfect guacamole. Whether you like it spicy, sweet, smooth or chunky, guacamole is always a tasty choice.

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