DoorDash makes big commitment to Feeding America


DoorDash believes that people can make a difference one meal at a time. Through its platform, the company commits to helping Feeding America.

DoorDash, as the nation’s leading on-demand food destination, can use its position to make a difference in people’s lives. The company understands that food security is still a major concern throughout the country. Through this partnership with Feeding America, the hope is that more meals can be provided to those in need.

Often an unseen and not talked about problem, food security impacts a huge number of people. During September, Feeding America looks to brand partners to raise both funds and awareness on this critical food issue.

Now through October  1, DoorDash “will donate 10 meals through Feeding America for every order placed from any of the 310,000+ stores” on its platform. From Chick-fil-A to Chipotle, any breakfast, lunch or dinner order will go towards the donation total.

According to Feeding America, $1 helps to provide 10 meals. That number is astonishing. Considering people might spend $5 on that morning latte, just think about the impact on food security people could do by changing one spending habit a week.

To activate this program, consumers are encourages to enter the promo code FEEDAMERICA at checkout. Additionally, consumers who use the code will receive a $5 off discount on an October order.

Through this program, DoorDash is helping the community but also raising awareness for the continued hunger issue in the country. While the impact of this issue is felt by many, it is often swept under the rug. While this program is only for a limited time, hopefully it will cause some people to act long after the program has ended.

This Feeding America initiative isn’t the only social impact program that the company promotes. Through Project DASH, the company has rescued “more than 1 million pounds of excess food through 15,000 deliveries in partnership with food rescue organizations.” That food equates to 830,000+ meals.

While food waste continues to be a huge issue in the United States, it is important that companies and consumers work together to change habits. Food waste is preventable. Even small changes can make a huge impact.

Overall, consumers need to be more conscious with food. While people focus on the type of food that they eat, how much people waste is just as important as the food people consume. Again, even small changes can have a big impact.

This month when you place your next DoorDash order, consider making a difference by supporting the Feeding America cause. Then, consider what you can do beyond that food on your plate. Change starts with one person.

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What are you doing for Hunger Action Month? How can you make a difference in your community?