Gather by JW Venice, a food and wine experience that nourishes body and soul


At Gather by JW Venice, food and wine may call to the culinary explorers, but this food event nourishes both body and soul.

Celebrating the beauty and life that is food is the focus of Gather by JW Venice, a culinary experience at the JW Marriott Venice Resort & Spa. While food festivals often inspire culinary travel, this JW Marriott, in partnership with Food and Wine, experience highlights how food nourishes the body and soul.

This year marks the second Gather By JW Venice event. From September 26 through September 29, the numerous festival events are the ultimate foodie experience. From cooking classes to tastings to celebrity chef hosted dinners, the unique food event will inspire everyone to live the good life.

Since this food event is located at the stunning JW Marriott Venice, Italian cuisine drives the experience. With the breadth and depth of Italian cooking, this food experience invites guests to explore how each chef approaches this region’s cuisine.

From an Italian Homecoming dinner by Fabio Trabocchini to a risotto cooking demo by the masterful Jonathan Waxman, this three day event will expand everyone’s perspective on Italian cuisine. Whether celebrating local ingredients or understanding how simplicity can be flavorful, these food events will create memories that last a lifetime.

Since many foodies will be unable to attend the amazing Gather by JW Venice, two of the participating chefs have shared recipes to inspire all culinary adventures to explore the beauty of Italian cuisine.

Chefs have many different approaches to their cuisine, but culinary curiosity often drives their desire to explore flavors. Dalad Kambhu, the Michelin Star chef behind Germany’s Kin Dee, this Thai influenced restaurant celebrates local and seasonal ingredients.

Chef Dalad Kambhu, photo provided by JW Marriott Gather event,

Ahead of Gather by JW Venice, Chef Dalad shared this recipe for Tomato Nam Prik.

"Tomato Nam PrikIngredients:500 grams tomatoes50 grams minced garlic80 grams red onion2 tbsp olive oil1 ½ tbsp fish sauce1-2 tbsp palm sugar2 tbsp lime juiceHeat oven to 180-190 C ̊. Chop the red onion and tomatoes before mixing in the garlic, olive oil and fish sauce. Roast until the mixture starts to brown and become slightly crisp (around 15 minutes). Blend the mixture until a chunky paste forms. Add palm sugar and lime juice and stir well.This dip can be served with fried or fresh vegetables"

While this recipe is Thai influenced, there are similiarties to Italian cuisine. Although fish sauce isn’t used in Italian cooking, the simplicity of this dip is similar to other Italian style dishes.

The key with this recipe is letting the fresh, seasonal ingredients shine. From the tomatoes to the onions, the recipe doesn’t need an over abundant amount of fussiness. Simplicity is a tool of a great chef.

This recipe is just one example of the inspirational culinary creations that guests will be sampling during the multi-day Gather by JW Venice event. While each chef’s approach to the ingredients is unique, all chefs seem to be celebrating the local, seasonal foods in ways that highlight the ingredients best flavors.

Another recipe from the multi-day event is Confit Mackerel, Green Olive soup, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sea Fennel and Candied Capers by Martina Caruso. Caruso, 2019 best female chef of the year for the Michelin Italy Guide 2019, is guided by traditionalism but allows seasonal ingredients to shine under her judicious choices.

Her restaurant in the Hotel Sigum celebrates the dynamic pairing between traditional cooking and inspiration cooking. Her desire to express herself in the kitchen is clear in the passion that she brings to the table. Continuing the concept at Gather by JW Venice is food, body and mind experience, Caruso is a perfect example of that approach.

Chef Caruso shared her recipe for Confit Mackerel, Green Olive soup, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sea Fennel and Candied Capers.

"Confit Mackerel, Green Olive soup, Buffalo Mozzarella, Sea Fennel and Candied Capers.INGREDIENTS:4 mackerel filletsExtra virgin olive oilSalt SeaFennel (Chritmum maritimum)White wine vinegarWater 200 grBuffalo Mozzarella 100 grSalina CapersSugar6 vine tomatoes12 plum tomatoes100 gr green olivesMETHOD:Clean the mackerel, cut the fillets to the desired size and cover in salt and sugar, then place in a blast chiller. Then, cover the fillets in oil, vacuum seal and steam at 50° for 7 minutes. Chill the steaming bag in ice cold water. Grill the mackerel fillets on a yakitori barbecue. Blanche the sea fennel in water and vinegar three times, preserve in olive oil the grill. Cover the buffalo mozzarella in warm water and then tear into fillets. Soak the capers in water to get rid of excess salt and then put into a vacuum bag, cover with sugar and seal. Leave to marinate for a week and retain the liquid obtained from this process. Blitz the tomatoes and leave to drain in a muslin cloth overnight to obtain a tomato water, then add the olives and water and liquidize. Stack the sea fennel, then the Buffalo mozzarella and the mackerel fillets on top, add the candied capers and finish the dish by pouring some of the olive and tomato soup over the top"

This recipe might be ambitious for a home cook, but it is a beautiful example of letting the ingredients shine. The mackerel doesn’t need extra sauces to hide its deliciousness. The layers of flavors from the sea fennel and capers balance the richness of the olive oil.

Additionally, this recipe shows that cheese and fish can pair together when done well. Finding the right combination of ingredients and flavors with a sense of imagination shows how food can be transformative.

Gather by JW Venice, a JW Epicurean & Mindful Experience will be held September 26 through 29. For more information, please visit

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How does food influence your body, mind and spirit? What culinary adventure are you taking?