What kind of statement is your trash bag saying?


If your trash bag could make a statement, what do you think that it would say? Maybe it is time to give that container a voice.

When do you think about a trash bag? Usually the only time when you give that trash container a thought is when it breaks or leaks. Otherwise, it is just another overlooked item in the kitchen. Hefty wants to give those trash bags some personality.

For a limited time, Hefty is offering Hefty Ultra Strong Talking Trash bags. These limited edition trash bags have sayings written on them. There are a total of 20 different sayings, a different one on each bag in the 20 count box.

Looking over all the 20 different sayings, a few of them are quite humorous. From “Feed me tacos & tell me I’m pretty” to “Burnt dinners & takeout containers,” these bags are meant to add a little personality to those trash bags. It almost makes you not want to use these bags for trash.

While these Hefty trash are meant to be humorous, could there be more behind these bags? Maybe those fun sayings might make you think twice about how much food you throw away.

Hefty’s newest Ultra Strong Talking Trash bags, photo provided by Hefty

Food waste continues to be a huge issue. Everyone can laugh about that bag of salad that you buy, put in your refrigerator and later just throw away uneaten. While it can seem humorous, it is problematic. That wasted food is not only bad for your wallet but bad for the environment.

If everyone can just take a little time to think before they buy, maybe there would be less food waste. It doesn’t mean that people have to go to extremes. Instead, maybe think twice about buying that gigantic size bag of avocados, which you can’t eat before they go bad.

Granted, these thoughts aren’t the purpose behind this fun Hefty promotion, but it could be a nice side benefit. Maybe all those take out containers don’t have to become a giant pile of trash.

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What do you think of these Hefty Ultra Strong Talking Trash bags? Will you purchase a box of these trash bags before they are gone?