This taco trend is growing, but are you ready to embrace it?


There is a new taco trend taking over restaurants and dinner tables. As food trends come and go, this latest study shows more people want these types of tacos.

What do you think the newest taco trend is? With Taco Tuesday becoming a weekly menu staple and National Taco Day being a huge celebration, the humble taco has become a favorite food. Since taco lends itself to great variety, what could the next taco trend be?

If you guessed the rise in veggie-friendly tacos, you would be right. According to Grubhub, vegan tacos are on the rise. Whether it is plant-based substitutes or or creative vegetable forward dishes, tacos are a great way to eat more veggies.

Even though veggies are important, the Grubhub study showed that meat is still king. Carne Asada street tacos are some of the most popular choices. Those flavorful, simple tacos show that people like the classics. It doesn’t have to be complicated ingredients. Straightforward, tasty food will always be wanted.

Like many of these Grubhub studies, some of the findings are quite curious. Many people would think that California, New York or even Texas would top the most order taco list. The truth is very different.

Idaho, Louisiana and Kentucky order the most tacos. The most surprising state on this list is Idaho. While Idaho is known for its potatoes, it is curious that the state loves their tacos. Wonder if they are ordering breakfast tacos with lots of potatoes?

Overall, people love tacos. In some ways, this food has become as American as the classic cheeseburger. It can be found on almost any menu and many dinner tables. The versatility of this food will keep its popularity growing.

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How do you enjoy your favorite taco? Do you think there are other taco trends coming?