Vodka Martini: Fun facts that might surprise you about James Bond’s favorite cocktail


A vodka martini might be James Bond’s favorite cocktail, but the classic cocktail has a long storied history far beyond that infamous character.

When was the last time you enjoyed a vodka martini? The classic cocktail can be created in a variety of ways. While James Bond prefers his shaken, not stirred, there are many other curious facts about this simple, yet always delightful cocktail. Ready to sip on some facts?

Vodka has been around for thousands of years. The clear liquor has gone through various incarnations. Whether made from grain or potatoes, the distilled beverage can be drunk neat or used in a cocktail. There are Polish, Russian, Swedish, American and numerous other types of vodkas. While there are similarities, each type has its own characteristics.

Just like the many variations on a martini, the exact origin varies. From a story about the Gold Rush to connections to a New York hotel, the classic cocktail can be connected to a plethora of origin stories. Just like everyone’s drinking preference, a story can be reference to suit different angles.

Still, a few facts might surprise even the most loyal vodka martini drinker. From the glass to the name, here are some comments to share when you are drinking one.

Is it really a martini?

Many people debate if a vodka martini is really a martini. Gin is often referred to in martini cocktail descriptions. The vodka version is referred to as a variation. Still, many people prefer vodka because it has a less botanical flavor than gin.

The glass is important

A martini should come in a martini glass. There are various reasons for using this particular glass. First, the stem keeps the cocktail from getting warm. Just like a wine glass, you don’t want the warmth from your hand to change your cocktail. Always hold a martini glass from the stem.

Also, the shape of the glass keeps the cocktail from separating. Granted, the glass offers a nice visual (and you can see the olives). Still, the cone shape keeps the cocktail composed.

What does a kangaroo have to do with a vodka martini?

Many people love a dirty martini. That cocktail refers to olive juice being added to the cocktail. In some cases, that “dirty” martini was once referred to as a kangaroo martini. That term seems strange and no one really wanted to say that name. Instead, the reference to the marsupial was dropped and now people just say dirty martini.

No vermouth, is it just vodka in a glass?

A vodka martini is really just vodka, vermouth and maybe a lemon twist. While some people prefer less vermouth, that reduction really means you are drinking just vodka. Since vodka may not offer a bold flavor, consider choosing your vodka wisely.

If you are looking to make the perfect vodka, here’s what Ketel One recommends:

"The Perfect Ketel One MartiniIngredients:• 1.25 oz. Ketel One® Vodka• 0.25 oz. dry vermouth• Lemon twistMethod:• Stir vodka with ice in a mixing glass• Strain into a martini glass• Garnish with a lemon twist"

Shaken versus stirred does make a difference

James Bond always asked for shaken. The different methods can create a difference in taste. The shaking will break up the ice in the cocktail itself. Even when strained, there can be a few ice chips in the cocktail.

Stirring is gentler. More importantly, it keeps the cocktail clear. Lastly, stirring is generally done longer than shaking which can allow the ice to penetrate the cocktail more.

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