Casey Webb, Man v. Food host, brings tasty adventure to the plate


When Casey Webb took over as the Cooking Channel’s Man v. Food host, he accepted an tasty adventure served on plate that is always full.

Man v. Food has captivated foodies with some extreme food challenges. Casey Webb, host of the popular Cooking Channel food TV show, accepts those food challenges with both a sense of adventure and a desire to embrace the food culture in each city. In some ways, those outrageous plates are just a small glimpse into a city’s delicious bounty.

The popular Cooking Channel show has legions of fans. For some people, the food TV show is about the extreme challenge. Whether it is the mountainous plate of food or over the top flavors, the outrageous can make people wonder, how can he eat that?

While that over the top thrills viewers, those moments are balanced with other foodie finds in each city. These foodie travels invite fans to learn about 100 year old recipes, iconic treats and even food innovations.

Even though this food TV show has had many seasons, Webb and the Cooking Channel always discover something that foodies want to explore. With so many food possibilities across the nation, it seems that those plates will never be empty.

Looking at the newest season on the Cooking Channel, Webb crosses the country on the latest tasty trip. From Green Bay to Santa Barbara and Alaska to Miami, the differences in each city also show the commonalities. While ingredients differ, the connection to the local community and heritage is clear.

While the cities and their food make viewers drool, host Casey Webb brings that experience to life. He relates to the audience because he could be your cousin, college roommate or favorite neighbor. The balance between fun and food is clear.

Although he has admitted that some challenges might have been too extreme, he brings the fun to each adventure. It is about exploring something new, different and enjoying the moment.

These episodes aren’t just about the extreme; it is about the experience. In some ways, Webb allows fans to see themselves at that table, eating that food. It is one of the reasons why so many people plan food road trips around these episodes.

Recently, Casey Webb took the time to chat with FoodSided about the new season. From his thoughts on food and travel to his tips on eating these extreme foods, Webb had a lot to share.

Cristine Struble: For many fans of Man v. Food, they use your show as a travel guide, why do you think that food and travel have such a connection?

Casey Webb: For me when I travel I come alive! I know I’m not alone, because its instinctual for all of us. All of our senses come to life when we’re in a foreign place where things are unfamiliar. Your senses are triggered because they’re supposed to, it’s about basic human survival and your DNA won’t give up until you find yummy food to eat. Lol. So, why not reward your senses that are on high alert and give them adventures and delicious foods along the way?

CS: If a fan wanted to seek out one of these challenges highlighted on the show, what would you recommend?

CW: I’d say any one of them that are served in a bucket, because a lot of them are. Perhaps order it for the table and share it like an appetizer with your family and friends. Personally, any of the ice cream ones, they’re the most satisfying:)

CS: What piece of advice would you tell a “challenge” novice before trying to tackle one of these monster eating endeavors?

CW: Do as the pros do. Do your homework and train accordingly. Things will work out way better the more serious you are about the prep. If that sounds daunting, then run! Lol.

CS: Not every element of the show is about the “extreme.” Why is it important for your show to share other foodie finds in these particular cities?

CW: This is how I see it. Sure it’s exciting to watch competitive sports, but isn’t the tailgate and the concession stand just as important? I think so. It’s about the whole thing, not just the outcome, but the journey. Every city has a “tailgate” and a “concession stand” just waiting to blow your mind. That’s why we feature it, cause people gotta know!

CS: Which food city surprised you this season?

CW: For me, it was Miami. I felt like I was swept away to a dreamy beautiful tropical island rich with culture, traditions, music and food. It’s a magical place.

CS: In Season 4, you travel across the US, including heading to Alaska, which city do you want to visit again?

CW: All of them. Seriously. Every single one of them. From every season as a matter of fact. I wanna check in, see how everyone’s doing. Break some bread, walk the city and take my time this time around.

Of course, we had to ask what was next for Man v. Food. Webb’s answer was a classic. He said, “I’m sworn to secrecy, cause if I told ya, I’d have to eat ya.” So, foodies will have to wait to discover that next food adventure.

FoodSided would like to thank Casey Webb for chatting with us and inspiring us to accept our next food adventure.

Man v. Food Season 4 airs on the Cooking Channel. New episodes air on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. EST.

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Have you ever done a Man v. Food challenge? Where do you think Casey Webb and his team should visit next?