Tailgating recipes get a boost from this family favorite


Looking for some new tailgating recipes? A family favorite beverage can inspire some tasty, easy recipes that will have everyone cheering.

Tailgating recipes can be quite varied. From simple burgers and brats to restaurant quality dishes, the pre-game tailgate has become the smorgasbord of deliciousness. Since tailgating has become a family affair, recipes are starting to reflect family favorite foods.

Families are starting to make cooking a collaborative effort. With the popularity of kids’ focuses cooking shows, like MasterChef Junior and Kids Baking Championship, kids are ready and willing to help parents experiment in the kitchen.

One easy way for families to get expand their traditional recipes is by using ingredients that they have in the pantry, like Sunny D. Whether a lunch box staple or an afternoon snack, Sunny D is always a family favorite beverage. Now that beverage can help flavor some tasty tailgating recipes.

With the help from MasterChef Junior finalist and teen chefluencer Josh Reisner, Sunny D has shared a couple of tasty, easy tailgating recipes that the whole family will love.

Check out this video for Tangy Pork Spare Ribs.

While ribs are finger licking good, chicken wings are often the king of any tailgate. Although you can buy prepared chicken wings, homemade versions are just tastier.

This recipe from Chef Josh shows how Sunny D can be used in a marinade. The Tangy Original adds just the right amount of acid to brighten the flavors. Also, the marinade helps to keep the wings moist when they are cooking.

Famous Fusion Wings, featuring Sunny D, recipe by MasterChef Junior finalist and teen chefluencer Josh Reisner, photo provided by Sunny D

Here’s how to make Famous Fusion Wings.

"Famous Fusion WingsServings 12 WingsIngredients12 chicken wings/tenders12 skewers (optional)Marinade3 cups SUNNYD Tangy Original1 apple quartered1 peach quartered1 plum or pear quartered (optional)3 cloves of garlic coarsely chopped2 tablespoons saltDuck Sauce Glaze1 tablespoon butter½ cup duck sauce or sweet & sour sauceDirections· Combine marinade ingredients in a pot· Bring to boil· Simmer on low for 30 minutes· Let cool – once marinade is room temperature add chicken tenders· Let chicken marinate for 6-24 hours· Remove chicken and skewer· Combine duck sauce and butter in small pot to create glaze· Heat on low until butter is melted and starts to bubble· Grill chicken on hot, 2 minutes per side· Brush hot duck sauce glaze and flip 1 minute, repeat· Remove from grill, brush again and place on serving dish"

These recipes are just a sampling of the various ways that Sunny D can be used. Why not use the beverage in a tasty, citrus forward dessert. Or, use it to flavor a flank steak. The recipe options are many.

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