Bourbon drinkers are flocking to this Universal Orlando Resort restaurant


Bourbon drinkers seek restaurants that cater to their love of bourbon. This Universal Orlando Resort restaurant is a bourbon drinkers paradise.

As the aroma of the wood fire beckons, bourbon drinks are looking to have their thirst quenched. Whether it is a neat pour or a craft cocktail, the allure of an exceptional bourbon calls. At the Universal Orlando Resort restaurant Bigfire, the bourbon is as big a draw as the amazing menu.

The most recent addition to Universal Orlando City Walk, Bigfire is an exceptional restaurant. Using fire to bring flavor to its varied menu, the dishes convey the feeling of a welcoming lake house. While there is a sense of familiarity, these dishes impress even the biggest foodie.

As the fire-fueled dishes set this restaurant’s menu apart, the impressive bourbon menu brings a whole new experience to Universal’s restaurant portfolio. Bourbon has seen a surge in popularity. No longer considered an “old” drink, bourbon has become a hot commodity. From classic brands to coveted Pappy, bourbon has become the “it” drink.

Since Universal Orlando restaurants are looking to set themselves apart, the extensive bourbon menu at Bigfire definitely accomplishes that goal. Just a quick glance at the long, varied options of both cocktails and bourbons will make bourbon drinkers salivate.

One big draw for bourbon fans is the Woodford Reserve, which is a Bigfire Select Barrel. This special, exclusive bourbon for the restaurant has some qualities that Woodford Reserve fans covet yet is unique to the restaurant.

Bigfire craft cocktail featuring Bigfire Select Barrel Woodford Reserve, photo by Cristine Struble

Available in neat or in a craft cocktail, this complex bourbon has notes of citrus, cinnamon and cocoa. While the bourbon has a smooth, creamy finish, the complexity of each sip invites sip after sip. With a richness that entices, the drop lingers and leaves ultimate satisfaction.

Personally, I love a bourbon cocktail to start a meal. From the Classic Manhattan to the Old Fashioned, the cocktails are even kissed with a touch of smoke. As a whiff of the char hits the table, the expectation of a perfect drink grows. After that first sip, you know that this dining experience will deliver in big ways.

In many cases, bourbon drinkers are looking for the ultimate experience. Sometimes, that situation comes with the opportunity to imbibe a rare, coveted bourbon. For those bourbon elitists, the depth of the restaurant’s Pappy offerings is astounding.

For those unfamiliar, Pappy, Pappy Van Winkle bourbon, has become legendary. While considered quite a fine bourbon, the limited availability of this bourbon makes it quite coveted.

On the Bigfire menu, there are several Pappy offerings, including 10, 12 and 15 year . If you have ever wanted to try Pappy, Bigfire offers the elusive bourbon both neat and the 10 year can be incorporated into one of the classic cocktails.

It is quite impressive that Bigfire offers these various Pappy bourbons. Granted, there is a steep price tag associated with the pleasure, But, many bourbon fans are more than willing to pay for the pleasure.

Even more enticing is the breadth and depth of the bourbon menu. From Four Roses to Bulleit to even a local St. Augustine bourbon, it would take numerous visits to try them all. To say that the menu is impressive doesn’t do it justice.

Bigfire’s menu items are cooked over a wood fire grill with the restaurant’s own special blend of woods. Photo credit: Universal Orlando Resort

More importantly, the expansive bourbon list enhances the restaurant’s theme. Diners are welcomed into that classic lake house ambiance. Just like a guest who enters a vacation home, the aromas of dinner make your stomach grumble with anticipation, a perfectly mixed cocktail awaits and the conversation around the table makes memories to last a lifetime. When all the elements come together, it is the ultimate experience.

While bourbon drinkers will be booking their next reservation at Universal Orlando Resort City Walk’s Bigfire, everyone who accepts a seat at the table will impressed by this classic American restaurant.

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Have you eaten at Bigfire? Were you drawn to the experience for the libations, the food or the experience?