Bigfire at Universal Orlando: Let the fire add the big flavor


In the heart of Universal Orlando City Walk, Bigfire entices with the char of the grill, but the most interesting menu items are the unexpected ones.

When the flame rises to the occasion, Bigfire can deliver on big flavor. Universal Orlando is always looking to innovate. From the latest Harry Potter themed roller coaster to hotel expansions, there is something always new at the Universal theme parks. With its latest restaurant addition, Universal looks to embrace a different approach to adding flavor.

Taking over the former Emeril’s location in City Walk, this new restaurant was designed to have a lakeside/lake house feel. Warm, inviting and somewhat laid back, it is meant to feel slightly relaxed, like the vibe that you get at anyone’s family lake home.

As the restaurant’s name implies, fire is the focus. Throughout its menu, the wood-burning grill added the depth of flavor to numerous dishes. While burgers and steaks will tempt the hearty eaters, the most interesting menu items are from the total opposite end of the spectrum.

More and more restaurants and theme parks are embracing the flexitarian menu options. Vegetarian and vegan menu options get equal billing with those big meat dishes. As seen in the recent Today Café opening, sometimes the vegan and vegetarian menu choices can outside the other more traditional dishes.

Cauliflower Steak at Bigfire, photo provided by Universal Orlando

Looking over the Bigfire menu, one vegetarian dish could take equal billing with those huge steaks and chops. The Cauliflower Steak is probably one of the more creative menu choices by a Universal restaurant.

According to the website, the Cauliflower Steak comes with “shishito peppers, roasted vine tomatoes, warm farro salad and a charred tomato sauce.” While foodies’ social media feeds will be filled with burgers, steaks and even some trout, this menu item should be tried.

Given the description, the dish should offer bold flavor. Since cauliflower absorbs so many other flavors, each bite should be the blend of heat (peppers), char (grill) and a little sweet (tomatoes).

While this menu item is set to be an entrée, it might be a nice idea to see if you could order it as an appetizer and split it with the table. It could change people’s perception of vegetarian food as bland, boring and a just a bowl of greens.

Bigfire at Universal Orlando Resort is open for dinner starting at 4 p.m. It is located in City Walk.

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Would you skip the steak and try the cauliflower? What’s your favorite food to grill?