Universal’s Endless Summer Resort menus focus on beach bites


The beach is always open at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort and the beach bites are bursting big flavor. Ready to dig in?

This summer, Universal’s Endless Summer Resort will be the newest on-site property to open at the Orlando theme park destination. Considered a family resort and an extra-affordable Value Hotel, Endless Summer could become one of Universal Orlando’s most popular hotels.

After last year’s successful opening of Aventura, Universal is again showcasing that travelers want delicious food options at their on-site properties. The newly released resort menus combine both the surfside, beach vibe with current food trends and lots of family friend options.

At the resort’s Beach Break Café, the menu features a wide variety of food choices. Universal Orlando describes the menu as “food trucks, local joints and backyard BBQs.” This concept seems to build on Aventura’s very successful Urban Pantry Food Hall inspired experience. Diners want options but do not necessarily want to stray too far into the unfamiliar.

From American classics with a little twist to California-inspired beach bites, this menu has an option for everyone. One of the most creative dishes is the Breakfast Pizza, with “Sausage Gravy, Bacon, Scrambled Eggs, Mozzarella, and Cheddar Cheese.”

Endless Summer Resort, Breakfast Pizza, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Usually on vacation, parents allow kids to splurge a little more on food choices. The idea to have pizza for breakfast will be a huge hit.

Plus, the breakfast pizza will give everyone a fully belly to stay energized for a day at the parks. Who knows, maybe guests will try to recreate this tasty idea when they return home from their vacation.

For a light, but filling lunch option, consider the SoCal (Southern California) – Cobb Salad. The classic take on a traditional salad gets a boost from the avocado ranch dressing. Since avocado is everywhere (including the Today Café’s Al Roker’s Avocado Toast), this twist modernizes the salad in a flavorful way.

Of course, Universal has to include a burger. The Pipeline Burger packs a flavor punch with its caramelized onions and bacon jam. If you haven’t had bacon jam, you will love this delicious condiment.

Universal Orlando continues to offer more flexitarian options on its menu and Endless Summer Resort offers a scrumptious Tofu Power Bowl with Baja Sauce. While the Baja Sauce itself isn’t described, the addition of the pickled carrots should offer a brightness to the tofu and quinoa.

Endless Summer Resort – Tofu Power Bowl with Baja Sauce, photo provided by Universal Orlando Resort

Vegetarian and vegan menu items are becoming more plentiful on Universal Orlando’s menus. A quick scan at the Today Café menu shows several menu items. The vegan croissant is one of the best croissants around. These menu items show that vegetarian and vegan, when done well, are as flavorful and satisfying as traditional recipes.

Orlando’s Endless Summer Resort, the Surfside Inn and Suites portion, will open on June 27. The Dockside Inn and Suites portion will open in 2020.

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Are you ready to dive into all the delicious beach bites at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort? What is your favorite food to eat at Universal Orlando?