The secret ingredient to the best avocado toast will change everything


Do you know how to make the best avocado toast? This secret ingredient will change how you enjoy avocado toast forever.

What makes the best avocado toast? The popular recipe is everywhere. While the toast trend might have started years ago, there food trend hasn’t wavered. Still, not all avocado toast recipes are the same.

From Keto friendly to even just guacamole on bread, everyone seems to have their own special version of this recipe. In some ways, it can be really hard to mess up this recipe. Then again, it is really easy to customize.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try Al Roker’s Avocado Toast at the new Today Café, located at Universal Orlando. As Roker’s first special recipe shared with the Universal restaurant, everyone anticipated that this recipe was going to be exciting. It delivered with a big punch of umami flavor, thanks to one special ingredient.

Since the dish is on the Today Café menu the secret is out. The best avocado toast is made with bread and butter pickles. Yes, the pickle craze has come to avocado toast.

Just like avocado toast, pickles seem to be everywhere. From pickle ice cream to pickle slushies, the pickle is totally having a moment. Why shouldn’t it be used in avocado toast?

Truthfully, the flavor combinations in Al Roker’s avocado toast are quite delicious. From the hearty artisan bread to the caramelized onions, the flavor balance is on point. Still, that crunch and punch of flavor from those bread and butter pickles send this recipe into the stratosphere.

If you visit Universal Orlando, definitely try this menu item at the Today Café. While Al thought it might be a little early for wine, personally I found that the rose made a delightful pairing. Sorry, you can’t have your wine served in a Today Show mug though (unless you buy one and re-create this recipe at home).

Since we can’t visit Universal Orlando every day, I’ve taken to adding pickles to my avocado toast. Instead of the whole slices that Universal uses, I have diced the slices. I found that it adds more pickle flavor to each bite.

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Are you ready to try the best avocado toast? After one bite of this secret ingredient, you might never think of this recipe the same again.