Are avocados always worth it? Avocados from Mexico believe that they are


Avocados from Mexico will be back at the Big Game for the fifth year. The brand is willing to bet that avocados are always worth it.

Avocados from Mexico have shown that its promotions during the Big Game are a huge hit with fans. Last year’s “Guac World” was widely successful. That idea showed that avocados are more than just a side for chips. The brand continues that message with the idea that avocados are always worth it.

Looking at the brand’s marketing, its message is clear. Avocados offer tasty and healthy options to a variety of dishes. Beyond the traditional garnish for a Mexican dish, avocados can be used on sandwiches, in salads and a myriad of other dishes. Who hasn’t been part of the avocado toast trend?

This promotion for the Big Game follows the brand’s partnership with Chicory. Through that online platform, consumers can browse shoppable recipes that feature Avocados from Mexico. This partnership is the first of its kind for a fresh produce brand.

Avocados From Mexico’s Tropical Chicken and Avocado Salad, photo provided by Avocados from Mexico

After finding the perfect recipe, consumers can have those fresh avocados delivered to their door. Through online grocery providers like Instacart, Peapod and Amazon, all those ingredients will be ready for another delicious dish.

Looking at the recipe/shoppable hub, consumers can find numerous ways to incorporate avocados into several recipes. Behind guacamole, salads are the number two dish that uses avocados. More people are looking to expand the flavor that they love into creative recipes.

While avocados continue to be on trend, it will be interesting to see how consumers will expand their use of this ingredient. One recipe aspect that many consumers haven’t quite embraced is avocado in desserts. Combining avocados with chocolate deepens the flavor and richness.

Some recipes can easily use avocados. A chocolate mousse or even a brownie can easily incorporate a pureed avocado. Instead of announcing to the crowd the “avocado secret” have them taste first. That flavor could convince them of a new way of approaching dessert recipes.

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Just like the Avocados from Mexico campaign says, avocados are always worth it. How will you be eating one today?