Carl’s Jr adds an indulgent flexitarian burger option


Craving a Carl’s Jr BBQ Cheeseburger but refer a plant-based option? The newest indulgent flexitarian menu option will have you hitting the drive through.

Carl’s Jr is transforming one of its favorite menu items with a plant based burger option. The Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger takes all the flavors and ingredients that people crave but swaps the traditional burger for a Beyond Burger patty. Who has lunch plans?

According to the brand, the Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger features “Carl’s Jr. original BBQ sauce, American cheese, crispy onion rings, all on a sesame seed bun.” Basically, the “burger” is just swapped.

Looking at this new menu item, the addition of another plant-based option is smart for the brand. More and more people want plant-based foods. These options are for people who want variety in their eating choices.

Additionally, this burger isn’t necessarily targeted at the traditional vegetarian or vegan community. Since the burger contains American cheese, it isn’t vegan. Also, the bun might not be vegan as well. Again, this burger is an option for someone who wants a different type of “burger.”

The rise of the flexitarian movement has been great. Consumers are looking to make the swaps in their diets. While people know that more vegetables can be good for them, they still want food that satisfies. If a person feels deprived, they will be less willing to make change.

With an option like the Beyond Burger, the consumer feels like she is eating a traditional burger. The texture and the taste leads the consumer to believe that she is eating a traditional burger.

Lastly, since burger has all these toppings, it would be interesting to see if consumers can tell the difference between a Beyond Burger and a traditional burger. From the barbecue sauce to the onion rings, the burger is just the vehicle for those other flavors. Wonder who will be doing a blind taste test?

The newest plant-based burger will be available starting on October 9. While prices and availability may vary, the anticipated price will be $6.29.

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What do you think of the new Carl’s Jr Beyond BBQ Cheeseburger? Do you follow a flexitarian lifestyle?