Cheryl’s Cookies new Chocolate Chip Cookie is the ultimate indulgence


A perfect chocolate chip cookie can be the ultimate indulgence. Cheryl’s Cookies has updated its classic recipe and you better get a glass of milk ready.

Sometimes a classic treat can instantly bring a smile to your face. Cheryl’s Cookies knows that a cookie is one of those pure joys that can make anyone happy. To celebrate the company’s 38th anniversary, the brand gave the classic chocolate chip cookie recipe an update. Are you ready to rediscover why this classic cookie is always a perfect choice?

Probably the most iconic cookie is the chocolate chip cookie. From grandma’s recipe to a chocolate morsel recipe, there are various ways to make this particular cookie. While everyone has a preference, one key element makes this cookie indulgent, the chocolate.

Combining several types of chocolate can make for the perfect flavor. Sweet, semi-sweet, milk chocolate or dark chocolate come together to make the ultimate indulgent flavor. The blend makes each bite a new discovery and makes you want to eat more.

Blending all those chocolates together is one way how Cheryl’s Cookies updated its classic chocolate chip cookie. With just one bite all those chocolates come together to create a chocolate explosion. From nibble to dunking in milk, the chocolate goodness is irresistible.

While chocolate in a chocolate chip cookie is important, another element makes this updated recipe even better. Sprinkled on top of the cookie is a touch of sea salt. Those course flakes bring just the hint of brightness to the cookie and a little something more.

Actually, that touch of sea salt heightens the sweetness to some of the chocolate flavors. Although it seems counter-intuitive, salt balances the sweetness. In a way, it makes the cookie even more enjoyable.

Lastly, the new Cheryl’s Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe uses honey in the recipe. As a sweetener, honey adds a more rounded flavor. Although generally sweeter than traditional white sugar, less honey is used in a recipe.

The swap can help highlight the other ingredients in a recipe. With the other chocolate chip cookie flavors, the honey adds to the overall balance and even makes the chocolate flavors clearer.

While many people know Chery’s Cookies, the new Chocolate Chip Cookie for its 38th anniversary is a perfect reason to rediscover all the company’s cookies. From this classic cookie to seasonal favorites to decorated cookies, there is a sweet treat for every and any occasion.

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When was the last time you have enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie and what is your favorite way to enjoy one?