Sinners, saints and prisoners, Halloween wines add to the spooky celebration


Sinners, saints and prisoners, Halloween wines add to the spooky celebration.

The spooky celebration season is here. While the kids might crave candy, Halloween wines are ready to be opened by the adults who will be celebrating all night long.

Halloween is more than just a child’s opportunity for dress up. With more adults looking to celebrate the spooky season, Halloween wines are the perfect pour for those festivities. While these wines are never frightful, these themes are perfect for any spooky celebration.

Sometimes the right wine for the occasion uses a particular theme. During Halloween, wines with a little devilish flare can be a wonderful choice. Even though an intriguing label can drive a purchase, the quality of the wine will have everyone coming back time and again.

One particular option for the Halloween season is the Prayers of Sinners and Saints. While the Catholic school girl in me was drawn to the name, the captivating label was irresistible. In regular light, these picturesque images appeal to your sense of a special calling. As the light fades and darkness calls, the black light reveals that everyone is more alike than she imagined.

While the color-enhanced/black light enabled label is perfect for Halloween, wine drinkers, even during the spooky season, are looking for more than just a label. Fortunately, for the wine devotees, these reasonably priced wines are good.

The chardonnay is a versatile white wine. Slightly fruit forward, highlighted by a pear, the brightness is balanced by slightly creamy notes. Overall, this wine is quite approachable for all wine drinkers, from elevated to casual.

Thinking about this chardonnay, there are various pairings that could work well. From a tasty avocado toast to a chicken piccata, there are many dishes that would work. Truthfully, a lovely cheese plate could be the perfect Halloween celebration.

For red wine drinkers, the Prayers of Sinners Red Blend definitely conjures the dark side. While smooth and drinkable, this red wine is complex, robust yet totally compelling. The berry flavors are predominant and those luscious fruits make it totally craveable.

In many cases, red wine drinkers seek those bold flavors. While not overly jammy, this wine has the richness that drives you to indulge in another glass.

Although quite impressive on its own, this red blend deserves some bold pairings. From spicy flank steak to a rich short rib, the wine can stand up to those strong dishes. More importantly, this wine is amazing with all that chocolate Halloween candy (just don’t raid the candy bowl too hard).

If you are looking to make a huge statement this Halloween, the well-known Prisoner wine is luxurious Zinfandel forward red wine. This diverse red blend is as compelling as its Goya inspired label.

Thinking about the Prisoner wine for Halloween, the combination of fig and espresso makes it a delightful choice for the spooky holiday. Perfect with all those sweet treats, this wine appeals to all drinkers. In some ways, you might want to be held captive by this wine.

These three wines are more than Halloween wines. While the themes embrace the spooky season, the wines are more than just a fun theme. The drinkability makes them delightful far beyond the spooky season.

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What wine are you serving during the spooky season? Are there any Halloween wines that FoodSided needs to sip?