Halloween candy and wine: It’s the perfect adult Halloween pairing


As the kids prepare to gather tons of Halloween candy, the adults want some Halloween fun too. Halloween candy and wine is the perfect adult Halloween pairing.

>Any parent who has taken the kids’ trick or treating knows that wine or a cocktail after that evening ordeal is a requirement. But, the bags and buckets of Halloween candy are calling. Who hasn’t sneaked or stolen a piece or twelve by the end of the night. Since you know that you will be eating that candy, why not make the perfect adult Halloween pairing with Halloween candy and wine.

Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals, photo provided by Wagstaff Worldwide

Who hasn’t enjoyed a glass of wine and some candy? Even though pairing chocolate and wine is a contested debate, some wineries offer chocolate and wine experiences. But, Halloween is about fun. Instead of a debate, let this Halloween candy and wine pairing be a little more whimsical.

After a recent conversation with Dan Pilkey, Maple & Ash and Mavens & Aficionados’ Head Sommelier, he gave some amusing Halloween candy and wine pairing. Why should the kids have all the fun on Halloween? Here are a few of his suggestions.

Photography by Jeff Schear Visuals, photo provided by Wagstaff Worldwide

Ghost Peeps paired with Sparkling: NV Domaine Renardat-Fache Bugey Cerdon Rosé

Let’s be honest, rose, and even sparkling rose, is here to stay. According to Dan, this particular sparkling rose has some pomegranate fruit flavor. With a more savory rhubarb flavor and even a herbaceous mint, this layered sparkling rose can make even the venerability Peeps a little elevated. Pairing the Ghost Peeps with its fun shape and sugary goodness plays off the sparkling rose. Plus, there’s a fun play on words, “Boo in the Bourgeoisie.”

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Butterfinger paired with Dow’s 2011 Vintage Port

For some people, port is a delightful way to end a meal. But, who would have thought about pairing a candy bar with port? According to Dan, this pairing works, because opposites attract. The port has flavors of plum and fig, somewhat like a jelly. So why not put a peanut butter candy with a fruit forward port? It’s peanut butter and jelly time, right? Plus, the milk chocolate works to cut the concentrated fruit flavors. Who’s ready for an adult peanut butter and jelly combination?

Hershey’s Bar – Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon Napa 2013

Milk chocolate and wine doesn’t seem like a likely combination, especially with a big, bold Californian Cabernet. But, this pairing is plays off the classic summertime treat, s’mores. This particular cabernet has tons of oak. The oak is reminiscent of graham cracker. With a bite of the classic, plain Hershey’s chocolate bar, this Halloween candy and wine combination is the idea of a s’more without the mess. Don’t worry, the kids will never know that you “borrowed” a snack size bar or two.

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While Dan offered his Halloween candy and wine suggestions, have your paired Halloween candy and wine? What combinations do you love? Share your thoughts below or tag us with #FoodSided on social media.