Pizza Hut smoky sriracha wings make you crave spicy goodness


While everyone knows about Pizza Hut pizza, the new Pizza Hut smoky sriracha wings prove that the Hut is all about delicious chicken wings.

Craving the heat? The new Pizza Hut smoky sriracha wings could be your next favorite wing flavor. Even though this football season everyone is craving all those Hut Hut deals, this new wing flavor could be the ultimate food victory spark. Are you ready to try them?

Although everyone loves Pizza Hut pizza, the fast casual brand knows how to make some tasty chicken wings. The newest flavor brings the wing flavor total to 10. With eight sauces and two dry rubs, there is at least one flavor that will spark your interest.

The new smoky sriracha offers a medium spice level so even the spice adverse should be willing to try a bite. The smoke flavor should add balance to the heat of the sriracha.

According to Marianne Radley, Pizza Hut Chief Brand Officer, this flavor is “bold.” That adjective conveys the spice isn’t overpowering. Said to be “blend of fresh red jalapeño chili puree, garlic and a touch of vinegar,” the sauce sounds like it has the right balance of heat, acid and umami.

In some ways, this limited time flavor could become an instant favorite. It will be curious to see customers’ response. Maybe the limited edition flavor could become a permanent menu item.

Pizza Hut believes that its wings are different than other brands. The wings are “kitchen-fired, not oven dried.” Any chicken wing fan hates a dried out, flavorless chicken wing. It can make anyone grab an extra beer or beverage to wash away that poor texture. By keeping the chicken wings moist, the brand wants to ensure that every bite is the way a chicken wing fan wants it.

The new Pizza Hut wing flavor is available in both boneless and bone-in traditional wings. The new wing flavor is now available nationwide.

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Are you ready for Pizza Hut smoky sriracha wings? What is your favorite chicken wing flavor?