Winnipeg Jets new menu items have fans cheering with excitement


Winnipeg Jets fans will be heading to a game early. Several new menu items from Centerplate will have you eating your way through all three periods.

Sports fans are becoming foodies and the Winnipeg Jets new menu items show that hockey fans won’t settle for boring, bland food. The Centerplate team has delivered a blistering shot that will impress even the most ardent food fan.

Over the years stadium menus have seen a spike in gourmet dishes. While the hamburger, hot dog and pretzel will always be available, those classic stadium food choices sit side by side with restaurant quality dishes. Today, seeing your favorite team play comes with some tasty food choices.

Centerplate has been a leader in the transformation of stadium menus. The company’s chefs have found ways to make food trends approachable for the sports fan. More importantly, the sports menus reflect the fans, the teams and the cities. It is a total package.

According to Centerplate Executive Chef Roger Wilton, he believed that this season’s Winnipeg Jets menus are the “perfect mix of classic eats and newer offerings that appeal to today’s foodies. The Winnipeg Jets fanbase is one of the most ardent in sports, and we hope our menu matches their excitement this season.”

Winnipeg Jets Beyond Meat Bratwurst, photo provided by Centerplate

Looking at this season’s menu, a few choices stand out.

Power Play Gourmet Burger: This burger is no ordinary burger. With BBQ beef short rib, the robust flavor is balanced with onion rings, cheddar cheese and chipotle mayo. It is the perfect bite of deliciousness.

BBQ Short Rib Poutine: Canadians love their poutine. This version adds some BBQ short rib to the classic dish. Make sure that you grab extra napkins and a fork.

Beyond Meat Bratwurst: Plant based foods are everywhere. This take on the traditional bratwurst is a great choice. Do a blind taste test and see which you prefer.

Butter Chicken Bowl: This chicken bowl offers a bolder flavor choice. It is nice to see some more global flavors making their way onto stadium menus.

Winnipeg Jets New S’mores Cups, photo provided by Centerplate

S’mores Cup: Who doesn’t love s’mores? While an open flame might not be appropriate for a hockey game, this dessert has all those classic flavors in a more convenient format. Ready to celebrate another score with some tasty dessert?

These menu items are just a sampling of the new offerings. From the Full Throttle Steak Sandwich to the chicken wings, there is something that will tempt every Winnipeg Jets fan.

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What is your favorite food to eat at a hockey game? Do you ever go to a game just for the food?