Starbucks Japan releases Dark Night Frappuccino for Halloween


The Starbucks Frappuccino gets a dark makeover in time for Halloween – enter the Dark Night Frappuccino.

Halloween is almost here, which means that spooky snacks are in full swing, and Starbucks is joining the trend. But there’s an unfortunate catch involved. There is a Dark Night Frappuccino, which features dark cocoa, brownie bits with white chocolate chips, and a sauce made up of cranberries, raspberries and strawberries.

This drink’s existence was earlier reported by Bustle.

This treat sounds amazing, because chocolate and berries go together almost like peanut butter and jelly. (There’s a reason why chocolate-dipped strawberries are such a popular treat around Valentine’s Day – they’re delicious!)

Unfortunately, as an Instagram account with the handle @CandyHunting reports, the Dark Night Frappuccino is only available in Japan.

However, the post does mention that the US menu has a variety of special “secret menu” drinks, so there’s a chance this yummy treat could be found in the States.

The Dark Night Frappuccino is available in Japan starting on Friday, October 18, with no word on when it will be pulled from the menu.

There is also the Red Night Frappuccino, which is also part of the Starbucks Japan Halloween Masquerade lineup. It features a white chocolate brownie (which sounds tasty but oxymoronic) and the cranberry/strawberry/raspberry blend topped with another berry sauce and dark cocoa powder.

The Red Night Frapp is supposed to be brighter in color, Bustle says, not looking quite so much like dried blood as the Dark Night Frapp does.

If neither of those options sounds exceptionally appealing, there is also the third member of the Halloween Masquerade lineup, the Raspberry Mocha, which, as the name implies, stars raspberries and white mocha, which also seems like a winning combination of flavors.

For more spooky treats for the taste buds, IHOP has a selection of purple-themed items in conjunction with the new animated movie version of The Addams Family. 

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