Ghost Whopper, Burger King takes Halloween to the next level


Ready for a spirit taste test? Burger King is offering the Ghost Whopper for the Halloween season but are you prepared for this other worldly burger?

Burger King always does something outrageous for Halloween season. This year’s Ghost Whopper might have people in disbelief. Can anyone see this other worldly burger?

Previously, Burger King has offered Halloween themed and other themed burgers. Does anyone remember the Nightmare King? Or what about the Upside Down Whopper? This year’s Halloween burger is a little less extreme.

According to BK, the “Ghost Whopper (is) a new sandwich featuring a ¼ lb of savory flame-grilled beef topped with juicy tomatoes, fresh lettuce, creamy mayonnaise, ketchup, crunchy pickles, and sliced white onions on a White Cheddar Cheese flavored, white sesame seed bun.”

Based on this description, the difference lies within the bun. Both the cheese flavor and the white sesame seeds add to the ghostly color. Could this spooky Whopper really be out of this world?

To launch this Halloween burger, Burger King released the following video.

Now this spirit taste test is a little tongue and cheek. Sure, Riz Mirza, who offers his body as a vessel for spirits, might have his skeptics. Still, Halloween is the perfect time to push the boundaries, have some fun and believe a little more.

Yes, the video shows a very unusual taste test. Whether it is the spirit or Mirza actually eating the spooky burger, it appears that everyone wants to take a bite. Maybe both the real and other worldly seal of approval makes it a big Halloween winner.

Regardless of the belief in other worldly spirits, there is something that will have some people questioning why. The Ghost Whopper will be available at only 10 locations nationwide. Only a very lucky few will have the chance to channel that ghostly Whopper.

The Ghost Whopper will be available starting October 24 while supplies last. The recommended price is $4.59.

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Are you brave enough to take a bite of the Ghost Whopper? Do you think that Burger King should have offered this Halloween burger at more locations?