Upside Down WHOPPER is coming, are you prepared for this strange twist?


Move over Impossible WHOPPER, Burger King is embracing a strange twist. The Upside Down WHOPPER is coming and fast food will never be the same.

Are you ready for the Upside Down WHOPPER? As the countdown to Stranger Things season 3 approaches, Burger King is preparing for the journey to the Upside Down in its own special way. This special twist on the iconic menu item has fans wondering, would Hopper approve?

Before WHOPPER fans get concerned, the Demogorgan has terrorized Burger King or totally messed up the WHOPPER. This special, limited released offering is just a little twist.

Basically, the classic WHOPPER is served upside down. All the ingredients are the same. But, a question is posed, is the WHOPPER tastier when served upside down?

Some people attest to eating burgers upside down. It could be that they don’t like soggy buns. Maybe it is just easier to eat. In any case, this new WHOPPER could start a trend.

In addition to the flipped serving method, the limited edition, special WHOPPER comes in exclusive Stranger Things packaging. Many people will probably order this burger just for the promotional packaging. Everyone is obsessed with Stranger Things.

If you are obsessed with all things Stranger Things, some fans might have to ride really far on their bikes to get one of these WHOPPERS. The limited edition sandwiches are available only in select restaurants in the following areas: “Miami, FL, Houston, TX, Boston, MA, Atlanta, GA, Philadelphia, PA, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, San Francisco, CA, Los Angeles, CA, and New York, NY.”

Since sometimes your hunger is as gigantic as a Demogoran, Burger King is offering a “Hopper Meal” from June 13 through June 20. The meal contains a WHOPPER, small drink and small fries.

If you order the “Hopper Meal” via DoorDash, make sure to use the code STRANGER. That code will give guests access to “exclusive Stranger Things content from Season 3.”

The Burger King collaboration is just the latest Stranger Things promotion. Baskin-Robbins is offering ice cream. Coke re-launched New Coke. Universal is bringing back the Stranger Things haunted house at Halloween Horror Nights (which means their food tie-ins will probably come back).

These collaborations show how pop culture and food are paired together. It is another example of a food trend. Which popular series, movie or celebrity will follow Stranger Things?

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Will you be heading to Burger King to get a taste of the Upside Down WHOPPER? If you do, show us your tempting food picture by using #FoodSided on social media.