Stranger Things themed food coming to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights


Don’t be scared! Stranger Things themed food is coming to this year’s Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights. Ready for spooky treats?

This year’s Universal Halloween Horror Nights is all about Stranger Things, even Stranger Things themed food. As Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood prepare for this weekend’s opening of the annual Halloween Horror Nights, fans are getting even more excited for the annual event. The uber popular Stranger Things is even taking over some special themed food for the haunting event. Are you ready to taste the Upside Down?

Universal just revealed several Stranger Things menu options for both parks. Each theme park will have its own separate menu offerings. Maybe the die-hard Stranger Things fans will visit both theme parks to try all these themed treats.

Fans of the Netflix series know that waffles are Eleven’s favorite food. Both theme parks will offer a spin on Kellogg’s Eggo waffles. Hollywood’s Eleven’s Waffle Extravaganza and Orlando’s Triple Decker Extravaganza are a sugar explosion. With whipped cream and tons of candy, this treat definitely requires a sweet tooth.

The Upside Down Burger at Universal Studios Hollywood, HHN, photo provided by Universal

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Looking specifically at Hollywood’s menu choices, the must try item is the Demogorgon’s Totacho. Tater tots are topped with spicy queso, chili, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and scallions. Do you think that you can handle the heat or will you need something frosty to cool off your taste buds?

If you are looking for a bigger meal, The Upside Down Burger, served upside down, brings the heat as well. Topped with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, this burger will also bring a little burn.

Universal Orlando will feature a Benny’s Burgers pop-up location. It is unclear if that location will have a specific themed food or just more general food options. Still, the idea of just visiting a Benny’s Burgers sounds fun for Strangers Things fans.

Christmas Tree cupcakes, Universal Orlando HHN, photo provided by Universal

Overall, the Orlando theme park focuses more on sweet treats for its Stranger Things themed food. Options like Christmas Tree Light Cupcakes, 11 Mini Donuts and the Syrup & Waffles beverage look to be hits. Waffles seem to the focus for Orlando. Hopefully, that sugar rush keeps your adrenaline in check while experiencing all 10 haunted houses.

At the Orlando theme park, the annual Halloween-themed event has additional themed food options. Many of food and beverage options will feature the 80’s theme that is carried through this year’s event. From a Candy Corn frozen drink to the sweet and sour “Gnarly Twist,” guests might be inspired to channel their inner 80’s child.

Voodoo Doughnuts HHN Donut HHN 2018 photo provided by Universal

While these food offerings are available within the theme parks during the events, Universal brings a taste of Halloween Horror Nights to City Walk, too. Voodoo Doughnuts will offer a special HHN Tombstone doughnut. This yeast-raised doughnut is filled with raspberry Bavarian cream and is topped with cookie crumble dirt and green grass sprinkles. It will be available through November 3.

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Are you prepared for Stranger Things themed food at this year’s Halloween Horror Nights? Be brave and embrace the annual haunted experience. Remember, it is just a theme park event. Or, is it?