Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua sparks a new direction for the company

Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua, photo provided by NCL
Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua, photo provided by NCL /

While NCL Prima and its sister ship Viva opened a new category for the cruise brand, the Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua takes a different approach to the immersive on-board experience. From its launch port to a forward-looking approach to the Prima class, NCL is ready to set sail in a new direction.

As the cruise industry continues to see tremendous growth, the trends take different directions. Some companies embrace their multi-generational, floating cities that offer so many opportunities which may be almost impossible to visit them all in a 7-day cruise. Others take a quieter approach where luxurious minimalism and old school charm invite the escapism from going from port to port.

Norwegian Cruise Line seems to take a balance between the two. From high adrenaline moments on its race track and slides to quite relaxation in the spa or restaurants, the opportunities to satisfy every preference are available.

Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua
Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua, photo provided by NCL /

With the new Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua, NCL “looks to make new waves at sea.” While that play on words sounds inviting, it is more than just a concept. Every aspect of this third offering in the Prima class takes on a new level. From the heart pumping action in its Hybrid Coaster to the more luxurious accommodations in the Haven, it adapts to guest feedback at every turn.

Since Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua launches in Port Canaveral, the family inclusive influence is clear. More open spaces have been incorporated throughout the ship. For those days where there is water as far as the eye can see, having more places to roam, explore, and enjoy is imperative. Whether the kids have their own play place or the adults find their enclave of fun, there are plenty of spots to let the relaxation allow people to drive into that serene state.

While Norwegian Cruise Line Aqua will not set sail till 2025, there are plenty of other NCL ships that whisk guests away on another adventure. From a quick trip around the Caribbean to exploring the beauty and history of Europe, there is an itinerary that captures every wanderlust longing.

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