Norwegian Prima Sustainable Cocktails offer creative consciousness

Norwegian Prima Sustainable Cocktails at Metropolitan, photo by Cristine Struble
Norwegian Prima Sustainable Cocktails at Metropolitan, photo by Cristine Struble /

Throughout the recently launched Norwegian Prima, the newest NCL ship is more than just the epitome of luxury. While the three-story atrium has guests in awe from the moment that the board, the reality is that the little nuances are the moments that resonate long after the ship returns to dock. As part of the Norwegian Cruise Line Sail and Sustain programming, the NCL beverage team launched new cocktails that had many people taking a second and more sip. The Norwegian Prima Sustainable Cocktails shake up a conscious conversation with a splash of creativity.

While NCL has sought to put its Sail and Sustain concept in the forefront of guests’ minds, the leadership appreciates that an idea needs to become tangible for guests to understand the direction. Although the corporation might make a point to use disposable kegs or support brands that align with its corporate consciousness, the guest may not see those items placed upon the table. When a company can get a guest to think, and in turn remember when they are gone, the thoughtfulness has hit its mark.

Throughout the Norwegian Prima, guests can see the concept of Sail and Sustain. Woven in the experience, NCL appreciates that it has a responsibility to be aware of its overall impact. Even just serving boxed water can get a guest to ask the question why and in turn continue the conversation.

What can guests expect from the Norwegian Prima Sustainable Cocktails?

At Metropolitan, one of the signature bars on board the NCL Prima, the focus is on sustainable cocktails. While various liquor and beverage brands have touted their sustainable consciousness, NCL is taking the concept a step further. The ingredients within the cocktails are the focus.

As many people can appreciate, food waste is a vital conversation in the food world. Whether it is using a vegetable from root to tip or appreciating portion sizes, excess food does not have to be put into the bin.

With these sustainable cocktails, the Norwegian Cruise Line beverage team looks to repurpose various ingredients into cocktails that will surprise guests and have them thirsting for more. While no one is taking used food off the plate, it is finding ways to reimagine other unusable products.

For example, the overflowing buffet might have dozens of picture perfect croissants, but what about the ones that might be slightly misshapen. What can be done with them? In this case, those perfectly good croissants are used as an ingredient in a cocktail.

Or, when the bottle of prosecco has just a little left at the end of the night, should it be poured down the drain? On the NCL Prima, that prosecco is transformed into a syrup to be used as an ingredient in a cocktail.

Each cocktail on the Metropolitan menu has a sustainably sourced component. From the coffee grounds used in the espresso cocktail to the orange in the riff on an old fashioned, the robust flavor that these ingredients provide will impress everyone. Although simple in concept, it takes a conscious decision to make it happen. It takes effort and NCL is willing to make that choice.

As guests sip on these sustainable cocktails, the idea is more than just a delectable drink to unwind at the end of the night. It can inspire them to rethink the hows and whys of their home bar. Whether it is thinking of ways to use the whole lemon instead of just a wedge or extracting flavor from the stems of herbs for a savory cocktail, there are a multitude of options waiting to be discovered.

For now, guests who step aboard, the Norwegian Prima Sustainable Cocktails are a must try. It is to toast thoughtfulness which captures culinary creativity.

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