Exceptional rum companies that distill a message in every bottle

Mount Gay Rum, photo provided by Mount Gay Rum
Mount Gay Rum, photo provided by Mount Gay Rum /

While opening a bottle of rum might come with a vision of a white sandy beach, cool breeze and not a care in the world, the traditional spirit can be more than just any bottle of grog. Whether a bottle was once how sailors got paid or a spirited gift from the sugar islands, the storied history of the distilled spirit is worthy of a long read. Now that the shelf is crowded with a plethora of options, some exceptional rum companies are taking a turn looking at the future instead of the past. It is time to put sustainability into the bottle.

Sometimes specific terms come with exact meaning. Many drinkers appreciate the difference between a bourbon and a whiskey or a champagne and a sparkling wine. When it comes to labeling a spirit as sustainable, the term is more broad based.

Some rum companies look to sustainable practices and eco-friendly decisions to set themselves apart in the category. Even if these decisions might be more time consuming, the resulting product is not only better for the planet but often has an exceptional taste.

Here are a few rum companies putting eco-friendly messages in the bottle.

Copalli White Rum

Made from just three ingredients, this Belize rum takes its inspiration from the locale. Sourcing water from the rain-forest canopy, the distillery has a zero-impact. The simplicity of non-GMO heirloom sugarcane, rainwater and yeast might be sparce, but the nuanced flavor should be celebrated.

From a sweetness of vanilla on the nose to a taste of citrus brightness in the white rum, the Copalli invigorates with each pour. It might not be the bold wake-up call from the animals in the canopy, but it is a rum that makes people take notice.

Flor de Cańa rum

The family-owned Nicaraguan rum has seen many life changing events over its 130 year history. Nestled by the San Cristóbal volcano, the area lends itself to making a delightfully smooth rum. From the soil to the water to the overall climate, the totality of the area lends itself to a delightful rum.

In addition, the brand states that it is the “world’s only carbon neutral and Fair Trade Certified spirit.” Various aspects of distillery focus on renewable energy. Flor de Cańa rum proves that tradition can embrace the future.

Mount Gay Rum

Made on the island nation of Barbados, Mount Gay Rum appreciates that the ocean is its life. From the coral filtered water that is used in the process to the ocean air that imparts flavor through the ageing process, the brand is tied to the ocean. In addition, the rum brand has been part of the sailing community.

Previously, it worked with 4Ocean to help end plastic pollution. In addition, Mount Gay Rum pledged to employ “100% sustainable agriculture by 2025.”

Don Q Rum

While Puerto Rico might be the birthplace of the pina colada, Don Q Rum is the island’s top-selling rum. For over 150 years, the brand has been distilling its popular offerings. With 12 different expressions, there is a rum for every occasion.

Blended into that tradition is the forward thinking environmentally-aware distillery. From green practices to helping the local wildlife, each aspect of the process is considered. While people might toast the island life, Don Q Rum is ensuring that the island is there in the future.

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Do environmental considerations influence which rum companies you support? Is your liquor cabinet full of many options?