Mount Gay Rum celebrates its heritage by partnering with 4Ocean

Mount Gay Rum, photo provided by Mount Gay Rum
Mount Gay Rum, photo provided by Mount Gay Rum /

While the crystal blue waters might make people dream of a Barbados escape, Mount Gay Rum understands that the ocean is more than just a stunning visual. As part of the brand’s heritage and its connection to the world, those waters need to be a priority. Through its partnership with 4Ocean, the pair look to keep those waves crashing on clean coastlines for years to come.

Rum has a long, storied history. Whether people think of the grog hoisted by a pirate sailing the seas or a tiki style cocktail on vacation, that liquor comes in many varieties. But, each one is unique based on where and how it is made.

As the oldest running rum distillery, Mount Gay Rum weaves its traditions into every bottle. While the brand says that its liquor is more than just a rum, that sentiment captures how the brand is connected not only to its location, but also to the world as a whole.

From the Black Barrel Rum or Eclipse heritage blend, each bottle tells a story. From the water used to filter the spirit to the sugarcane harvested in Barbados, the flavor entices the drinker to appreciate each sip. While it might not instantly transport a person to that island getaway, it can make drinkers yearn to explore the high seas.

Since Mount Gay Rum is based on an island, Barbados, the brand is forever tied to the oceans. For them, it is more than just the method that the rum arrives in stores. Whether it is part of the regatta or promoting the spirit of sailing, those waterways are inherently part of the brand’s history and future.

That concept is why it’s partnership with 4Ocean is so important. It shows how the brand is looking to make the conversation not just about a great run, but a great run that gives back.  From cleaning the shore to ensuring the water is pristine, it is a duty to do more than just sipping the cares away.

As seen in its 4Ocean bracelet, the red color is specific for the rum brand. From the trident charm to the red color like the hats worn in the regatta, that color signifies that the brand wants to stand out in the sea of sameness. They are riding that wave to shore rather than letting it crash over them.

From the classic daiquiri to a dark and stormy to just a little rum sipper, Mount Gay Rum invites the drinker to appreciate the experience. And if that first sip makes an impression, let it spur a change for the better. To keep those ocean waves crashing on a pristine shore takes the efforts of everyone.