Toast to the high seas at all Norwegian Prima bars

Norwegian Prima cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble
Norwegian Prima cocktails, photo by Cristine Struble /

Stepping aboard a Norwegian Cruise Line ship comes with various expectations. Some people long for every port of call. Others indulge in the delicious bites at both specialty and complementary dining locales. When a thirst needs to be quenched, the Norwegian Prima bars are ready to pour the most intriguing libations.

According to Norwegian Cruise Line leadership, the majority of passengers opt for purchasing a beverage program while on board. That additional option allows passengers to sip and savor the robust beverages that are part of the beverage package. From a beer by the pool to a cocktail after dinner, the beverage program is an invitation to live the best life.

From easy days spent on the ship to quenching a thirst after an excursion, the Norwegian Prima bars can fit almost any vibe. While some might prefer the sunshining on their face and others might want to sing along with favorite songs, morning, noon and night has options to make that next vacation memorable.

Which Norwegian Prima bars fit your vacation vibe?

While the various restaurants have a variety of beverages to pair with the spectacular dishes, there is a robust offering of Norwegian Prima bars located throughout the ship. Whether guests are looking for a particular flavor or atmosphere, there is an option for each and every moment.
Here are the Norwegian Prima bars listed in alphabetical order

Belvedere Bar

Located on deck 6 near the Cagney’s and the Commodore Room, the Belvedere has a sophisticated vibe. Although the name suggests that vodka cocktails are a must try, the specially craft cocktails are a must. For example, the Belvedere Bar has a few select small batch cocktails that are perfect as a pre-dinner libation. Blending classic with a touch of new, this quiet bar is perfect for quiet moments that will linger.

Luna Bar

Located in the must-try Indulge Food Hall, the Luna Bar offers a wide selection of beverages to pair with anything and everything on the robust Indulge menu. From a specialty beer created just for the NCL Prima to the daily sustainable cocktail, it might be hard to pass up ordering a second beverage.


Showcasing the Norwegian Prima Signature Sustainable Cocktails, the Metropolitan, on deck 7, is for the cultivated cocktail drinker. The innovation behind the bar cannot be matched. While the staff is happy to shake up a classic cocktail, do not miss one of the unique offerings. Guests might do a double take with the ingredients but one sip will make this location the utmost cocktail experience.

Observation Lounge

For quiet moments starring at the sea, the Observation Lounge is a must visit. The comfort space invites moments of contemplation. From sipping a perfectly chilled white wine to that always delightful Negroni, this area is one of the best kept secrets on the ship.

Penrose Bar

Located in the impressive three story-lobby off the casino, the Penrose Bar is a great place to grab a quick beer after returning from an excursion. Also, for anyone waiting while others are rolling the dice for the big win, this small space is a great spot, too.

Prima Speedway Bar

Winning the race deserves a celebratory beverage. Located within view of the impressive Prima Speedway, the specialty bar is great to watch friends as they whiz by or to recap the race and celebrate the champion. Just remember, enjoy the drink after driving, not before.

Soleil Bar

Located on the aft side of the Indulge Food Hall and the end of Ocean Boulevard, this locale is the perfect spot to watch the sun set. From a perfectly cold beer to a draft cocktail, there are many reasons to grab friends and toast to the best vacation ever. And, with the Indulge Food Hall just steps away, there are plenty of little bites to turn the experience into a delightful happy hour.

Syd Norman’s Pour House

For anyone who wants to step into that classic, small dive bar lounge, Syd Norman’s Pour House is the place to be. The walls are covered with beer and band posters. It feels like stepping back into that bar that everyone loves but without the smoky haze. Grab a beverage at the bar, sit on the couch and sing along to the soundtrack that filled the memory book.

The Haven Lounge & Bar

A special location just for The Haven guests, this bar offers the most unique cocktail offering. For guests who are up for a little adventure, let the mixologists craft the perfect cocktail based on mood. Answer a few questions and a personalized cocktail that is perfect for the guest will be poured into the glass. It is one of the best cocktail innovations on the ship.

The Local Bar & Grill

For the sports fan or beer lover, The Local Bar and Grill has the welcoming vibe. Whether people are watching a game, participating in some trivia, or enjoying some live music, The Local is a simple, easy place to just sit a spell. Don’t let all the liquor on the shelf food you. The beer selection is quite impressive.

Vibe Beach Club

After soaking in that infinity pool or enjoying the sun from the chase lounge, the private 18 and older Vibe Beach Club has a variety of beverage to keep the “vibe” going. The mocktails at this specialty bar are perfect on a warm day. The layered flavors showcase a deft hand by the beverage program. Bright, zesty and perfectly refreshing, they should not be missed.

Waves Pool Bar

Vacation often means a beverage by the pool. Waves Pool Bar has a variety of classic choices. Also, the craft cocktails on tap are a great choice. Their take on a margarita should top the list.

Whiskey Bar

Whether it is before or after a show, the Whiskey Bar is the place to be. Guests can choose from a wide array of specialty whiskeys and bourbons. From the Old Forester bourbon flight to a delightful take on an Old Fashioned, the bartenders will guide guests through the golden liquor. For anyone who has wanted to try that elite bottle, here is the opportunity.

The Norwegian Prima is one of several ships within the Norwegian Cruise Line. For upcoming itineraries, check with the company’s website for booking information and costs.