Norwegian Cruise Line takes new sophisticated approach to complimentary dining

Norwegian Cruise Line Prima, dinner at Hudson's,, Beef Wellington photo by Cristine Struble
Norwegian Cruise Line Prima, dinner at Hudson's,, Beef Wellington photo by Cristine Struble /

Stepping aboard a cruise ship comes with certain expectations. Beyond the ports of call, entertainment and frivolity along the way, the food and beverages satisfy that wanderlust craving. While many people are looking for favorite flavors, sometimes the indulgences are worth the extra bite. On board the new Norwegian Cruise Line Prima, the complimentary dining at its classic restaurants is taking a new approach that leaves diners wanting more.

For guests of a Norwegian Cruise Line ship, the food and beverage program is an integral part of the vacation experience. Guests want that cold beer by the pool or the glass of wine paired with dinner. While there are a multitude of specialty dining experiences on board, the complimentary dining options are taking a new direction for the cruise line.

As seen on board the new Norwegian Cruise Line Prima, the classic restaurants, Hudson’s and The Commodore Room, have redesigned their menu. Instead of the daily rotating options, a wider array of static menu selection awaits guests on their multi-course experience. While the menu might not change continuously, the robust selection ensure that guests could never repeat a meal during their stay.

While this new menu approach has not been adopted aboard other ships, NCL has a specific reason for this approach. As NCL leadership discussed, the carefully curated menu allows the chefs to become experts in a handful of dishes and ensures that execution is perfect each and every night. Just like a restaurant chef can perfectly replicate a dish, the same concept applies on board. This idea ensures that the guest receives the best possible meal at every service.

This menu evolution seems to fall into the commitment to an elevated service experience. While there will always be a place for the abundant buffet, food calls people on vacation. Many people want a dish that may not be created in the home kitchen. By ensuring each and every dish is perfectly executed by having a more concrete menu, NCL’s culinary program leaves a lasting impression on all its guests.

Looking the menus, the set choices are quite diverse. Even though the daily theme might have been replaced, the hearty dishes are equally balanced with lighter fare. From enjoying a Beef Wellington one night to a seafood paella another, everyone will be fully satisfied with any food option.

Even if a guest dines at one of the complimentary restaurants every evening, there is an option to enjoy a featured dish from various signature restaurants. For a slight additional fee, that dish gives a taste of the other dining options on board. It could even encourage guests to book that other dinner reservation.

This change to complimentary dining seems to be step forward for cruise ship dining. Although there is nothing bland about the rotating menu, the commitment to always putting the best food on the table comes from consistency from the chefs. With a menu that has many options, it ensures that every bite is just as the executive chef intended.

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As people prepare for their next getaway on Norwegian Cruise Line, a feast awaits their journey. With such a robust complimentary dining menu that is expertly executed each time, guests will savor each bite and long to sit at the table again.