Norwegian Prima mocktails raise a glass to a new vibe

Norwegian Prima Vibe Beach Club mocktails, photo by Cristine Struble
Norwegian Prima Vibe Beach Club mocktails, photo by Cristine Struble /

For many people, a cruise vacation is a moment to indulge. With copious amounts of delicious food choices and a seemingly overflowing glass within reach, embarking on that glorious ship opens the conversation to saying yes to all the possibilities. Although a libation or two might be satisfying for some, the rise of the sober curious is starting to influence cruising beverage menus. But, these drinks are far from that old fashioned Shirley Temple. With the Norwegian Prima mocktails, the beverage vibe is worthy of another sip.

While guests of Norwegian Cruise Line appreciate the offer of Freestyle Dining, that ability to curate a personal food and beverage experience adds to the uniqueness of the getaway. From simple fare at one turn to an elevated dining experience at another, the versatility is a large draw for many people.

Although Norwegian Cruise Line executives shared that many of their guests choose to participate in ship’s beverage program, it does not mean that the robust beverage program is solely focused on only the alcoholic options. As any bar program has come to appreciate, creative mocktails are vital to the menu.

Recently beverage trends have shown that mocktails are becoming just as popular as their multifaceted alcoholic counterparts. No longer just eliminating the spirit from a classic cocktail, the mocktails can vary from nuanced layers to vibrant flavors. These options are far from some watered-down sipping alternative.

On the Norwegian Prima, the Vibe Beach Club shakes up impeccable mocktails with a stunning view. Although the 18 and over exclusive area might have a few people ready to toast with a stronger libation, it is the specialty mocktails that deserve a second sip. Beyond the company’s concept of Sail and Sustain, the mocktails are a thoughtful expression of savory and sweet.

While the glass reveals a colorful hue, it is the flavors that are perfectly refreshing while enjoying that afternoon in the sun. From a hint of mint with bright fruits to cooling cucumber with a dash of herbaceous notes, the mocktails are the beverages to enjoy all day without blurring out any moment.

Whether these Norwegian Prima mocktails are enjoyed by the person who wants to break up the cocktail enjoyment, the sober curious, or just cannot resist the flavor combinations, the choice to have creative, thoughtful mocktails on board says volumes about the Norwegian Cruise Line beverage program. It is forward thinking and encourages guests to try something new. Just like it has put the paper umbrella away in favor of an edible garnish, this beverage menu is ready to enjoy its moment in the sun.

As guests get set to embark on another great escape, the glass is full of many flavorful possibilities, both with and without spirits. Ready to toast a beverage inclusive vibe on board with Norwegian Prima mocktails?