Norwegian Prima Indulge Food Hall invites guests on a culinary journey

Norwegian Prima Indulge Food Hall, photo provided by Norwegian Cruise Line
Norwegian Prima Indulge Food Hall, photo provided by Norwegian Cruise Line /

When guests embark on a cruise, it is more than the ports of call that excite passengers. The bounty of culinary offerings invites guests to explore all the tasty delights. At the new Norwegian Prima Indulge Food Hall, the multiply culinary styles bring a culinary journey to the table.

According to the gym on the Norwegian Prima, cruise guests can gain one to two pounds per day while enjoying that vacation. Although that fact might encourage people to run an extra mile or two on the treadmill, the underlying statement holds a bigger truth. The food and beverage offerings on board are too delicious to resist. After all, when on vacation, isn’t it better to say yes to that extra bite than miss out on a tasty treat.

The cruise industry has continued to evolve its food options. While some people might visual the endless buffet or the daily menu in the complementary dining room, it is only a slice of what the ship has to offer. Today’s ships bring bold flavors, global cuisines, and an excitement that brings people lingering at the table a little longer.

When Norwegian Cruise Line launched Prima, the promise was to offer a new level of excellence. Although much will be said about the ship’s design, endless entertainment options and the overall vibe, the reality is that food is and will continue to be a large calling for guests. Everyone has to eat, and variety is the spice of life.

As part of the new approach, the Norwegian Prima Indulge Food Hall invites guests to sample and savor an array of global cuisines. While each nook with its counter service feels like little food stalls, the intimate tables and outdoor seating sets the stage to explore all the offerings until it feels almost impossible to take another bite.

Within Norwegian Prima Indulge Food Hall, the 11 offerings include, Coco’s, Garden Kitchen, Just Desserts, Just Ice Cream, The Latin Quarter, Nudls, Q Texas Smokehouse, Seaside Rotisserie, Starbucks, and Tamara. Each guests places their food order via a table tablet. Order a little, order a lot, no one will leave hungry.

Given that some people travel as a family or a group, finding a food compromise every meal can be challenge. Just like the debate around the family table, appeasing everyone with a single cuisine can be hard. With the Indulge Food Hall, there is no compromise. One person can order salad and another person can enjoy Indian food. It is the flavorful solution.

Everyone can try a bite of the familiar, explore a new flavor, or savor it all. Given that the seating spaces are intimate, conducive to conversation and welcoming, it draws people back to the table time and again.

While it will take a few visits to sample all the food options, one thing is clear about the Indulge Food Hall, it can be the ultimate food fusion tasting menu. From starting a meal with Deviled Eggs from the Q Texas Smokehouse to a mid-course Torta from The Latin Quarter to a lamb chop from the Seaside Rotisserie to ending with an over the top milkshake from Coco’s, each guest can curate their culinary experience.

That variety ensures that a guest could eat at the Indulge Food Hall numerous times over their stay and never have the same meal twice, if they wanted that option. It is the variety that brings people back time and again.

While many of the dishes are quite delightful, it is Tamara, serving Indian food, which is the star of the experience. From simple snacks to robust curries, the flavors are on point. Still approachable to the general guest, the food lover will appreciate the attention to detail. It can be hard to pass over the Indian food choices for other menu items.

Whether or not the food concept will complete replace the buffet option remains to be seen, but the Norwegian Prima Indulge Food Hall adds a new layer of excitement to the cruise food scene.

More information on the Norwegian Prima, the dining options, and its destinations can be found on the brand’s website. The Indulge Food Hall is part of the ship’s complementary dining options. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.