Stranger Things and Eggo: Ready for upside down recipe pairings?


Fans of Stranger Things know that Eggos were featured in Season 1. Eggo has created a Stranger Things pairing menu perfect for binge watching.

Stranger Things fans know that the season 2 is out. Whether you’ve started binge watching the whole season or prefer to savor each episode, no one wants to be famished when watching. In last season, Eleven showed his love of Eggos. Who hasn’t uttered the phrase, “Leggo of my Eggo!” In honor of the Stranger Things Season 2 release, Eggo has created an episode by episode Eggo’s recipe pairing. Ready to eat?

Eggo feeds first fans to finish second season. (PRNewsfoto/Kellogg Company)

According to Kellogg, the Stranger Things/Eggo’s menu pairing recommends the following nine course menu:

"Eggo Episode Pairings:• Chapter 1: Eggo’s Mad Max Munchies• Chapter 2: Trick-or-Treat Eggo Freak• Chapter 3: Eggo’s Peanut Polliwog• Chapter 4: Eggo’s Will the Wise• Chapter 5: Eggo’s Dig Dug• Chapter 6: The Eggo Spy• Chapter 7: Eggo’s Lost Sister• Chapter 8: The Eggo Mind Flayer• Chapter 9: The Eggo Gate• The Eggo Triple Decker Extravaganza, as seen in Chapter 3"

After searching the website, we couldn’t find the exact recipes for each of the episode pairings. The website says that more recipes are to come. Right now the only recipe listed is Cinnamon and Pumpkin Spice. This recipe uses cream cheese, pumpkin puree and sugar to create a sweet pumpkin topping.

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True, the waffle looks cute with its little pumpkin topper but, I was hoping for more. Where’s the spooky, eerie quality to this waffle treat. Plus, if this Strangers Things recipe is the first course, how am I going to make it to course nine? That amount of sugar and cream cheese is a lot of sugar. Even a smaller pumpkin would have a pretty substantial sugar load.

But, if you look through the Eggo’s website, the other creative recipes can make a waffle fan drool. Savory, spicy or twists on breakfast favorites, Eggos can be transformed into almost anything. Personally, I like a slightly sweet with my waffles. Fresh fruit with a bit of honey is always a winning choice. If I’m going savory, I like bacon, egg and cheese. Who says you need bread for a breakfast sandwich?

Keep checking back with the Eggo website on its Stranger Things Eggo menu pairings. Who knows what the final combinations will be. Just don’t be a spoiler. No one likes the person who doesn’t leggo of the Eggo.