Baskin-Robbins embraces its upside down with Stranger Things themed treats


Excited for Stranger Things Season 3? Baskin-Robbins new summer flavors will tempt even the Demogorgons to take a spoonful.

Is Baskin-Robbins turning into the Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Shop? This summer, the classic 31-Flavors embraces its Upside Down with Stranger Things themed treats. Do you think Eleven would approve?

While Hawkins, Indiana might be a fictional location, your local Baskin-Robbins will have a taste of the popular Netflix show this summer. With several Flavors of the Month, themed sundaes and even a special Polar Pizza, there is a full month of treats that anyone and everyone will enjoy.

According to Carol Austin, Vice President of Marketing for Baskin-Robbins, “whether you love the show or just love some seriously delicious ice cream creations, we’ve got something for everyone.”

A few of the highlights on the special menu include:

Eleven’s Heaven: In honor of Eleven’s favorite waffles, this waffle-cone flavored ice cream is mixed with chocolate icing flavored ribbons and chocolate-coated pieces. It is definitely a sweet spoonful of deliciousness.

Upside Down Pralines: The traditional pecan praline goes chocolate. Chocolate ice cream is mixed with the praline pecans and chocolate-caramel ribbon. This upside down version is definitely worth exploring.

To continue the theme, there are two sundaes that are definitely tempting. The Upside Down Sundae puts a new twist on the classic sundae combination. Using the Upside Down Pralines flavor, the sundae is constructed in the opposite way, with the toppings on the bottom. Maybe this idea will become an ice cream trend.

Also, the Demogorgon Sundae might look a little scary, but the flavors will entice. Although, a few fiery flavors could have pushed this sundae over the edge.

Lastly, the Byers’ House Lights Polar Pizza is a fun idea. With colorful “Christmas Lights” and a Snickers ice cream, it is definitely a blast from the past. While the lights might not flicker, you will want a second slice.

The Baskin-Robbins Stranger Things themed treats are available this summer. Maybe you will grab a few frozen treats to enjoy while watching Stranger Things Season 3 on Netflix.

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