Jennifer Lopez wants families to focus on healthy, wholesome meals


Think that healthy, wholesome meals are too difficult for a busy family to put on the table? Jennifer Lopez thinks that Tiller & Hatch Supply Co. is the answer.

Is it really difficult to put healthy, wholesome meals on the family table? Jennifer Lopez has been vocal about smart eating choices, being active and commitment to health and wellness. While the mega star might have resources to assist that lifestyle, the average family doesn’t need to be left out. With Tiller & Hatch, everyone can get a jump on eating well.

Tiller & Hatch is backed by both Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez. The power couple is a great example of a family committed to healthy living. With their name attached to this brand, many people are taking notice.

Launched this week, Tiller & Hatch is “first frozen meal brand designed for an electric pressure cooker.” Families love electric pressure cookers. The small appliance offers quick, efficient cooking. Additionally, it is one of the easiest ways to make a complete meal.

The Tiller & Hatch is more than just an efficient method of cook. The meals, themselves, are restaurant quality level. Developed by Bruce Hecker of Bruce’s Catering, these eight dishes combine flavor and nutrition while still being budget conscious.

The eight meals include:

"Farfalle with Marsala Sauce and ChickenFarfalle with Marinara and Ground TurkeyCoconut Chicken Stew with Vegetables and RiceSanta Fe Style Pasta with Chicken BreastCajun Style Chicken Stew with Pork Andouille SausageChicken Tortilla Stew with Black Beans, Red Pepper and CornItalian Style Stew with ChickenSouthwestern Style Minestrone Soup with Meatballs"

Looking at these eight meals, there is a wide variety of flavors. From bold, spicy dishes to more traditional pastas, these meals should appeal to a wide range of families.

Also, each meal seems to push the envelope slightly, without putting families too far outside their comfort zone. For example, the Southwestern Style Minestrone Soup changes the flavor profile of the traditional soup, but invites families to enjoy something comforting.

The Tiller & Hatch Supply Co meals can be purchased at Walmart as well as online subscription bundles. There are 4, 6 and 8 meal bundles.

Now, eating one of these meals does not meals does not mean that you and your family will have JLo’s lifestyle. But, these tasty meals can make family meal time easier. Shouldn’t family dinner focus on the conversation around the table, not the difficulties of putting tasty food on the table?

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What do you think of the Tiller & Hitch Supply Co meals? Do you think that these healthy, wholesome meals are right for your family?