McDonald’s Happy Meal turns 40 and a Surprise Happy Meal is coming


When was the last time that you ate a McDonald’s Happy Meal? The iconic menu item is turning 40 and everyone will want to order a Surprise Happy Meal.

Growing up, a McDonald’s Happy Meal always brought a huge smile. It is amazing how a simple burger, fries and drink in a special box can bring simple joy. Of course, that toy inside the Happy Meal ensured that the fun and memory lasted long after that last French fry had disappeared.

Over the years, the toy inside a Happy Meal has become a huge deal. From partnerships with certain Disney films to classic toys, that little surprise became almost as important as the food.

People sought and collected certain toys. Even if you didn’t have a child in the family, some people would find a way to purchase a Happy Meal just for that surprise.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the McDonald’s Happy Meal, McDonald’s will be offering the Surprise Happy Meal. This special Happy Meal will be available in the U.S. starting on November 11, while supplies last.

Check out this video about the Surprise Happy Meal and the 17 toys available.

Looking at the different toys, it is like a journey through childhood for many people. From Hot Wheels to My Little Pony, who doesn’t remember these special toys.

While the Surprise Happy Meal is be fun for a lot of McDonald’s fans and Happy Meal toy collectors, there is another aspect to this special event. When was the last time your meal came with a smile, fun or a little levity?

So often, everyone is running from place to place that sitting down to have a little happiness at the table is forgotten. In many ways, that iconic Happy Meal is a reminder that food with family can, and should be, a happy moment. Maybe these Surprise Happy Meals can serve as a good reminder of that idea.

If you want one of these Surprise Happy Meals, head to your local McDonald’s quickly.  It seems likely that they will sell out fast.

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What was your favorite McDonald’s Happy Meal toy? When was the last time you enjoyed a Happy Meal?