2020 Food trends: Are you ready for mung bean?


Foodies always love food trends and want to be in the know. As a New Year approaches, predictions on the 2020 food trends are starting to take shape.

Who does love food trends? In the past year, the rise of the plant-based food movement has been a huge food trend. Prior to that hot food item, foodies embraced exotic fruits, global flavors and whole foods.

Still, foodies are always looking for the next big thing. Whole Foods has released its predictions for the 2020 food trends. While some of the ideas on this list seem likely to take off quickly, a few ideas might take a little adjustment. Who’s ready to get eating?

Since plant-based foods have taken over store shelves and menus, people are looking for more, better, and tastier alternatives. Even though many of the current offerings are delicious, some options contain allergens. In that case, those plant-based foods can’t be part of their eating habits.

Whole Foods is predicting that the “no soy” is the next trend in plant-based eating. Using ingredients, like mung bean, is a great alternative to soy. The mung bean will offer the creamy texture that people want, just without the soy.

As people more conscious about what they eat, the food is more than just a label. They want to understand the where, how and why the ingredients in that food. Giving foodies an alternative to the soy with the use of mung bean, for example, could be the start of a larger movement.

With the flexitarian lifestyle being so popular, foodies seem to care a lot about the ingredients. Now, companies are looking to shrink that ingredient list. While people want convenient food, they still want clean, fresh and fewer additives. Maybe that ingredient list will look smaller and a lot easier to read.

Lastly, plants continue to dominate the food trends. While people know the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables, people can still want other food choices. Still, fruits and vegetables can be transformed in many ways. Why can’t those natural items be transformed into another ingredient or use.

For example, dates can be a natural sweetener for all types of recipes. Cauliflower can be pulsed into a flour. The list of options goes on and on.

The biggest take away from this 2020 food trends list is that foodies are willing to explore foods and flavors. From bold spices to mung beans to alternative food uses, people aren’t just gravitating to the old-fashioned meat and potatoes. The issue left on the plate is, what could be next?

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What do you think will be the next food trends? Is there a food trend that you wish would just go away?