New Milano flavors are a coffee lovers’ dream cookie


Coffee lovers have a new cookie to pair with their favorite beverage. The new Milano flavors are definitely drink-inspired and quite tasty.

Ready for new Milano flavors? The popular Pepperidge Farm cookie has added two new flavors just in time for holiday cookie swaps. Are you ready to taste test these drink-inspired flavors?

The two new Milano flavors are Caramel Macchiato and Irish Cream. If these cookies sound like your favorite beverage, you are right. The new flavors were inspired by those cozy drinks. But, which cookie should you pair with which beverage?

Although this launch comes at the start of the holiday season, the Caramel Macchiato and Irish Cream flavors will become part of the permanent Milano line. There are a total of 17 core Milano flavors and three seasonal flavors.

Looking at these two new flavors, the choices seem to mimic the classic flavors that many people crave. Similar to those classic coffee drinks, these flavors never go out of style.

Although FoodSided hasn’t taste tested the cookies, it seems like the Caramel Macchiato should have a touch more sweetness. The combination of the delicate cookie, caramel notes and rich chocolate could be an indulgent bite.

Thinking about pairing this Milano cookie with a coffee, a strong, rich espresso or even a full bodies Sumatra might be a nice contrast. Then again, a regular cup of milk could be equally as tasty.

Milano Irish Cream, new Milano Cookies flavor, photo provided by Pepperidge Farm

The Irish Cream flavor sounds a little bolder. While this flavor tends to have some nutty characteristics, it will be interesting to see how the creaminess comes through in the Milano cookie.

While these two new Milano flavors join the line with a lot of fanfare, they may not overtake the favorite flavors Double Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Mint Chocolate. Still, the Caramel Macchiato flavor might give milk chocolate a run for its money.

The two new Milano flavors are be available exclusively at Target. Starting in 2020, the flavors will be available at other retailers.

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What do you think of the two new Milano flavors? Which one would you want to try?