Spice up your holiday beverages with Coca-Cola and Sprite


Looking for a warm, comforting sip as the winter chill hits? Coca-Cola and Sprite have launched holiday beverages and you need to crack open a can.

As the holiday season takes over, lattes and hot beverages are the only warm, comforting sips of the season. Coca-Cola and Sprite are spicing up the holiday with two new flavors for the season. How will you spice up your holiday mix?

For this holiday season, Coca-Cola and Sprite launched two new beverage flavors. Both flavors offer a taste of spice to the traditional beverages. While not overpowering, the hint of warm spices feels like a sip of comfort on a brisk afternoon.

The Coca-Cola Cinnamon is a limited time flavor just for the holidays. While a similar version has been available in the U.K., it is the first time that this flavor is available in the U.S.

Upon first sip, there is a hint of the cinnamon. In some ways, the casual soda drinker might not necessarily know that underlying flavor. It helps to keep the classic Coke from being too sweet. It is warm, spicy but in a delightful way.

While many people will enjoy this soda on its own, this Coca-Cola flavor is quite tasty in a cocktail. One option is the Jack & Coke Cinnamon Mule. Here’s how to make this cocktail:

"Jack & Coke Cinnamon MuleIngredients:1 ½ oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Fire2 oz Coca-Cola Cinnamon1 ½ oz Ginger BeerLime WedgeMethod:Lightly shake all but ginger beer with ice. Add ginger beer. Pour over fresh ice into a Mule cup. Garnish with the lime wedge."

While this cocktail is tasty, a version of a Rum and Coke would work, as well. The options for this Coke as a mixer are many.

If you prefer Sprite, the Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry is another warm, comforting sip. Previously, Sprite Cranberry was the brand’s first holiday flavor. This new twist is a way to satisfy the thirstiest time of the year.

This beverage takes the classic lemon lime flavors and adds a warm spice blend to the tart cranberry. The spice keeps the soda from being too sweet. While not a heat flavor, this beverage has that holiday warmth that people crave during the cooler season.

Similar to the limited edition Coke, Sprite created a special cocktail, too. The Jack & Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry uses another Jack Daniel’s in a simple, tasty cocktail.

Here’s how to make this seasonal cocktail.

"Jack & Sprite Winter Spiced CranberryIngredients:1 ½ oz Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Honey3 oz Sprite Winter Spiced Cranberry½ oz Ginger LiqueurLemon WedgeMethod:Squeeze lemon wedge. Add rest of ingredients. Shake lightly with ice. Strain over fresh ice.Garnish with candied ginger and/or lemon wedge."

Another nice garnish could be some fresh cranberries. Even just floating a few in the cocktail would give a boost of color.

While this cocktail uses Jack Daniels, a variety of other spirits could work as well. An aged, vanilla forward tequila or even a smoky mezcal could be a nice offset to the winter spiced cranberry. This beverage is quite versatile.

In addition to these two limited edition holiday beverages, Coca-Cola is bringing the holiday magic to everyone with some special seasonal surprises.

Check out how the Coca-Cola Polar Bears become part of augmented reality.

Depending on the packaging, users will have different Polar Bear experiences. This augmented reality fun definitely brings a little holiday magic to all Coke fans.

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Now that Coca-Cola and Sprite are ready for the holidays are you? What holiday beverage will you be merrily sipping this year?