Jack Daniel’s and NBA Legends make for an ultimate fantasy weekend


What makes an ultimate fantasy weekend? Bringing together Jack Daniel’s and NBA Legends made a dream come true for two fans.

Both Jack Daniel’s and the NBA have loyal fans. For two lucky fans, the ultimate fantasy weekend came true at the very first NBA Legends Camps. This once-in-a-lifetime experience was truly the ultimate sports dream come true. Don’t you wish that you were there?

Jack Daniel’s is the Official Spirits Partner of the NBA. Recently, the iconic whiskey brand hosted two winners for the ultimate sports fantasy weekend. Held at the brand’s Lynchburg distillery, the special guests enjoyed one-on-one time with NBA legends Robert Horry and Muggsy Bogues, an opportunity to work on their basketball skills and a tour of the famous distillery.

Jack Daniel’s and NBA Legends ultimate fantasy weekend, photo provided by Jack Daniels

This type of experience is special for both the basketball fan as well as the whiskey fan. Without the brand’s contest, the normal person wouldn’t have the opportunity to play with these NBA Legends. This type of event is about the ultimate sports fantasy, not necessarily becoming the best basketball player.

For the whiskey fan, the opportunity to tour the distillery is amazing. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the distillery is a wonderful establishment to visit. Learning how the flavorful whiskey is made and standing in the pungent whiskey aromas is quite memorable. The tour can make you appreciate that bottle of whiskey even more.

For the iconic liquor brand, this type of event is even more important because it expands brand’s fan base. Of course, Jack Daniel’s is a beloved American whiskey, but it needs to appeal to a wide audience to stay current. The partnership with the NBA shows that whiskey is just as good a beverage for a sporting event as the traditional beer.

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Over the past couple of years Jack Daniel’s has expanded its offerings with a slant toward a younger audience. The flavored whiskeys, like vanilla and cinnamon, incorporate liquor trends. While some traditionalists prefer the classic, original whiskey, these flavored whiskeys do offer more variety for the younger generations.

As the oldest registered distillery in the United States, the brand has the name recognition but it cannot stay stagnant. Sports partnerships, expanding the flavors profiles and keeping fans engaged with the brand are all important to staying relevant.

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Congrats to the winners who were able to enjoy this ultimate fantasy weekend. For the rest of us, why not open a bottle of your favorite Jack Daniel’s and sip to the tradition from the oldest distillery in the U.S.