Trolli’s Most Valuable Candy celebrates MVP James Harden


Trolli celebrates its biggest fan, MVP James Harden, with its epic Most Valuable Candy. Could you handle this gigantic gummy candy?

Trolli has just unveiled the Most Valuable Candy in honor of its biggest fan, this year’s MVP James Harden. Over the past couple of years, the sour candy brand has partnered with Harden on several candy offerings. From Weird Beards to Sour Brite sneakers, the candy brand has ensured that the basketball player has had fun iterations of his favorite candy.

To celebrate Harden’s MVP win, Trolli created the Most Valuable Candy. Calling this candy epic is an understatement. The special candy offering is a replica of Harden’s Adidas’ Harden Vol. 2s MVP edition shoes.

Trolli celebrates MVP James Harden with Most Valuable Candy, photo provided by Trolli

According to Allison Wyrwicz, Trolli senior brand manager at Ferrara Candy Company, “to us, James Harden is not just the most valuable player, he is an extremely valuable partner. By embodying Trolli’s Weirdly Awesome spirit every day, Harden has helped expose the world to all of the inventive and unexpected fun that our candy inspires. We wanted to thank and honor him in a way that we knew our favorite sneakerhead would appreciate.”

Saying that these epic gummy sneakers are awesomely weird is an understatement. The gummy replicas weigh “nearly 12 pounds.” Just lifting this candy to the table is a feat. Hopefully, the person who purchases this gummy shoe has a team of sour candy fans to enjoy eating it together. Even the most ardent sour gummy fan would have difficulty eating all this candy by himself.

If you don’t get one of the Most Valuable Candy gigantic gummy sneakers, everyone can enjoy some Sour Brite Sneaks candy which will become available on Amazon. Previously available exclusively at 7-Eleven, these bite size sneakers are a great way to satisfy that sweet/sour craving and embrace your own uniqueness.

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These sour gummy kicks feature some of the more popular flavors from the brand. The flavors include raspberry, lemon, strawberry and blackberry. Each flavor has that fruit sweetness with a touch of tart that makes it craveable.

One of the best parts about Trolli’s candy is that the flavors taste great on their own and combined with the other flavors. Enjoying a bag of these candies can be different every time. The flavors and the combinations make it unique, just like the brand itself.

Harden said, “I’m a long-time fan of Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers and the Weirdly Awesome campaign because it represents my own approach to life. Trolli’s unique. I’m unique. We both like to push the envelope and be creative. That’s why we work well together.”

This special Most Valuable Candy pushes the envelope. Creating a life-size shoe is definitely not the traditional candy offering. Considering the size of an NBA player’s shoe, the task is even more monumental. This special candy could become the Guinness World Records as the official Most Valuable Candy ever sold.

These weirdly awesome, life-sized gummy shoes will be available for purchase on Amazon. Only three pairs will be available for sale. The cost will be “$2,677 per pair, the same number of points that this league-leading scorer achieved this year, and proceeds will go to Harden’s foundation: 3 The Harden Way.

I really hope that a huge basketball fan buys these epic candy sneakers and donates them to a local kids’ basketball team or youth organization. It would be a great way to bring the idea of being unique and awesome to a younger crowd.

Part of the fun of the Trolli brand is celebrating the uniqueness about yourself. Whether you like to eat multiple flavors together or eat a single flavor at a time, the brand celebrates the individual. All of the brand’s candies celebrate standing out in a crowd. The idea of being different is celebrated for how truly awesome being different is.

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What makes you weirdly awesome and unique? In honor of MVP James Harden, Most Valuable Candy and Trolli, can we all take a moment to celebrate each other and what makes us exceptional.