Hardee’s Thanksgiving in a Box is the perfect holiday dinner solution


Not prepared for the Thanksgiving feast? Hardee’s Thanksgiving in a Box is the perfect holiday dinner solution that everyone will crave.

Feeling pressure about what to cook for Thanksgiving? Hardee’s Thanksgiving in a Box can make that annual eating holiday a little less cumbersome. Instead of worrying about dry turkey and lumpy gravy, this holiday dinner solution is the tasty alternative.

According to Hardee’s almost half of Americans are looking for alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving. While Friendsgiving has grown in popularity, that trend has influenced the traditional holiday meal. Whether it is plant-based foods, bolder flavors or just a simpler alternative, Thanksgiving is getting a makeover.

The Hardee’s Thanksgiving in a Box is the simple, easy and tasty option for this year’s holiday meal. The limited-edition offering features Stuffing Chicken Tenders, Sweet Potato Waffle Fries, Toasted Onion Green Beans and Savory Chicken Gravy.

Looking at this meal, it answers what a lot of people want. While there is a nod to the traditional, it isn’t necessarily the same old green bean casserole that everyone feels obligated to eat. Just like not everyone likes marshmallows on their sweet potatoes, why not have sweet potato fries instead?

Hardee’s Thanksgiving in a Box, photo provided by Hardee’s

In many ways, this Thanksgiving meal in a box puts the focus back on what Thanksgiving should be, enjoying the time with family and friends around the table. All the pressure and effort going into making the meal gets stripped away. Instead, people come back into focus.

Additionally, this Thanksgiving in a Box is a great option for the person who may be celebrating on her own. Just because the celebration isn’t huge doesn’t mean that the holiday event with those classic flavors should be passed over. With this meal, everyone can satisfy that comfort food craving with minimal effort.

While Hardee’s does have an innovative idea, the offering is very limited. The Hardee’s Thanksgiving in a Box will be available in only Jacksonville, Florida, at participating restaurants, from November 13, 2019 through December 3, 2019. But, if you’re in the area, the meal is a steal. It is only $6.99.

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What do you think of Hardee’s Thanksgiving in a Box? Do you think that this holiday meal is the perfect Thanksgiving solution?