Santa is asking for a side of ranch, Hidden Valley Ranch, this year


Cookies and milk won’t be filling Santa’s Christmas stocking this year. Hidden Valley Ranch is decking the halls with tasty, festive, holiday cheer.

Are you a Hidden Valley Ranch fan? While everyone knows that ranch is better than blue cheese for their chicken wings, the classic ranch brand is more than just a dip, salad dressing or condiment. This holiday season everyone is professing their love of the HVR with some epic holiday wear.

More and more, foodies are showing their love of food in their clothing choices. More than just the restaurant t-shirts, brands have become transcended into fashion statements. With a few key choices, everyone will know that ranch is your world.

For the holiday season, Hidden Valley Ranch is offering a wide array of branded items. From sweaters to hats to blankets and pillows, you could transform your world with HVR items.

Now, some people might want these branded items for the novelty. In a way, they are pretty cute, too. If guys can profess their love of a football team that hasn’t gone to a championship game, ever, why can’t foodies showcase the tastiness of ranch?

One item in this collection will be the most sought after, talked about, coveted gift this holiday season. The Hidden Valley Ranch Custom Holiday Stocking is the ultimate gift for the ranch lover.

Hidden Valley Ranch Holiday offerings, photo provided by Hidden Valley Ranch

Priced at $35, it is a holiday stocking filled with ranch. While you might not want to hang this holiday stocking above the fire, it is going to be the “it” gift. Just think about the holiday party fun with this item. It is totally worth the $35 price tag, just for the visuals.

All the Hidden Valley Ranch holiday items are available now at the Hidden Valley Ranch Shop. If you want some of these items, like that awesome holiday stocking, act quickly. There are only limited qualities available.

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Santa is ready to deck the halls with Hidden Valley Ranch. Are you ready to skip the cookies this year and celebrate ranch-mas?