Feeling cheesy? Cheetos X Forever 21 Summer collection is here


Give your summer wardrobe a cheesy upgrade. Cheetos X Forever 21 Summer collection is here and summer is looking cheesy.

Cheetos fans are obsessed with their favorite snack. Just in time for summer, the Cheetos X Forever 21 Summer collection lets you wear your love of Cheetos for all to see. Which look tastiest?

Many people have a favorite snack. While potato chips might be a classic, Cheetos have legions of loyal fans. Although everyone can debate the Cheetos dust situation, the snack tops many people’s favorite snack list.

For the first time, the Cheetos X Forever 21 Summer collection gives Cheetos fans a way to show everyone that they embrace feeling cheesy. From Cheetos Crunchy to Flamin’ Hot, there is a look that appeals to both your fashion sense and your snack preference.

Looking at this food-inspired snack collection, it offers a wide range of options. From tops to swimsuits and shorts to sandals, there is a look for everyone and anyone.

Cheetos X Forever 21 summer collection, photo provided by Cheetos

Since this collection is in collaboration with Forever 21, the looks appeal to a younger audience. For the most part, these looks are more for the millennial crowd than mom or grandma.

The collection has looks for both women and men. It was smart to everyone. Having boys in my family, guys are just as passionate about their fashion choices as girls. Those Cheetos swim trunks are a must for beach season.

Even if that Cheetos swimsuit isn’t for your body type, there are tons of options that are for anyone and everyone. Options like sneakers, socks and hats are definitely smart fashionable choices.

Also, there’s a Cheetos beach towel. Just think of all the attention that you will get at the beach with this beach towel. But, you better have a bag of your favorite Cheetos in that cooler.

The Cheetos X Forever 21 Summer collection is available now. Prices range from $5-$35.

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Does your favorite food influence your fashion choices? Would you purchase these Cheetos fashions?