Could pumpkin spice turkey be the star of your Thanksgiving feast?


Looking for a new Thanksgiving turkey recipe? Pumpkin spice turkey could become the talk of this year’s Thanksgiving meal, if you are looking for something non-traditional.

Would you make a pumpkin spice turkey for your Thanksgiving feast? As people start to plan the annual celebration of food, eating and more food, Thanksgiving turkey recipes are discussed. Will you try something non-traditional this year?

For many people, the turkey is the star of the Thanksgiving meal. While everyone piles the plate full with those tasty sides, the turkey is usually the most talked about food. The dreaded dry turkey puts fear into even the most experienced cook.

While some people have traditional recipes, family traditions and cooking hacks, some people would like to step outside of the box. New flavors could make that Thanksgiving feast a little more exciting. Could you really make a pumpkin spice turkey?

Each year, Reynolds Wrap shares some creative turkey recipes. Who doesn’t remember the Glitter Turkey from last year? This year, Reynolds is taking a little more seasonal take on its creative turkey recipes – pumpkin spice turkey anyone?

The pumpkin spice turkey recipe takes all those pumpkin spices and uses them to season a turkey. Clove, all spice, nutmeg, etc., go on the turkey. No, you aren’t brining a turkey in your favorite fall latte.

Reynolds Mac & Cheese Turkey, photo provided by Reynolds

While people might cringe at the sound, actually the spices aren’t too outrageous. Those same spices are all over the Thanksgiving table. In some ways, this turkey recipe could be the talk of the holiday meal for years to come.

If this recipe doesn’t get make you hungry, Reynolds does have another fun turkey recipe this year. You can make the Mac and Cheese Turkey. This recipe uses that iconic powdered cheese from a boxed mac and cheese as the seasoning.

While this idea might seem unusual, it is quite smart. The “cheese” offers a good crust and seasoning on the turkey. The key will be to keep that seasoning even.

Although these recipes might be a little too non-traditional for some Thanksgiving dinners, it can be the inspiration that people need to think outside of the box. If you like some flavor combinations, why can’t you incorporate them into your turkey recipe or your Thanksgiving feast?

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What is your favorite turkey recipe? Would you serve a pumpkin spice turkey at your Thanksgiving dinner?