Glitter turkey or Mountain Dew turkey, which Thanksgiving turkey should you make?


Planning your Thanksgiving turkey menu? Could a glitter turkey or a Mountain Dew turkey be the star of the Thanksgiving feast?

Thanksgiving turkeys don’t have to be traditional, roasted and boring. Two new ways of making turkey could be the “it” way of impressing your guests for the holiday. Recently, Reynolds Wrap has showcased to innovative and fun recipes for this year’s Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving feast. Could you be serving either a glitter turkey or Mountain Dew turkey this Thanksgiving?

Glitter food seems to be everywhere. From glitter beer to glitter coffee, food with a side of sparkle has been a growing food trend. For this holiday, you can add a little glitter to that Thanksgiving turkey.

First, the glitter used in this recipe needs to be edible glitter. Please do not use glitter from your crafting box. Wilton and other food companies do offer edible glitter.

If you are thinking about serving a glitter turkey for Thanksgiving, watch this video provided by Reynolds Wrap.

Mountain Dew turkey, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap

For a different twist on turkey, why not draw some inspiration from a favorite drink, Mountain Dew. The idea is rather genius. Used in a brine, the soda replaces half the water used.

By using the soda in the brine, the turkey skin gets a wonderful caramelization. The sugar from the soda creates that effect. It is an easy way to create a visually stunning turkey for the Thanksgiving table.

With this style of turkey, a Turkey Oven Bag, like the Reynolds Wrap one, is a great idea. It helps to keep the turkey moist during the cooking. After all, no one wants to have a dry turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.

If you are interested in making a Mountain Dew turkey for Thanksgiving, you can find the recipe on the Reynolds Wrap website.

Since Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving is often a time when novice cooks are in the kitchen, it can be a little intimidating to cook a turkey. With the right tools, anyone can make a delicious bird. Whether you use an oven bag or tent the turkey with aluminum foil is essential to keeping the turkey moist.

Also, make sure that you have a good thermometer on hand. No one can eat undercooked turkey. While cooking times can help, a thermometer is the only way to ensure that the turkey is cooked completely.

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What Thanksgiving turkeys will you be making this year? Could a glitter turkey or a Mountain Dew turkey be on your holiday menu?