Don’t Let Them Go! Disney’s Frozen 2 takes over your table


As everyone prepares for Disney’s Frozen 2 to hit theaters, food brands are bringing Anna and Elsa to the table and you won’t want to let them go.

Are you counting the days till you see Disney’s Frozen 2? The highly-anticipated Disney film is set to be a huge hit. Even if you have binged watched hours and hours of Disney +, everyone is wanting to see the next chapter of Anna and Elsa’s adventures. With that excitement building, many food brands are bringing those beloved characters to the table.

Known for its delicious ice cream cakes, Carvel, Rich- I Love Ice cream cakes is offering a Frozen 2 themed ice cream cake. It is the first ice cream cake Disney “Frozen 2” moniker.

The snowflake themed cake is a “premium vanilla and chocolate ice cream, creamy whipped icing, plus the signature Carvel chocolate crunchies.” Everyone knows that the Carvel chocolate crunchies are the best part of these ice cream cakes. That added crunch makes each bite quite satisfying.

The snowflake design and icy blue colors are a nice touch. While ice cream cakes are often for a special celebration, everyone might just want to have this dessert, just because.

Disney’s Frozen 2 inspired cake by Carvel, photo provided by Carvel, Rich’s I Love Ice Cream Cake

Desserts are the only Frozen 2 themed foods. Kellogg’s has launched numerous products with these beloved characters on and in the boxes. There is a Frozen-themed cereal with “sweet O’s, multicolored leaves and Olaf marshmallows.” Who doesn’t want an Olaf marshmallow? This little treat is a huge reason to by a box (or two).

Additionally, other Kellogg’s brands are incorporating the favorite Disney characters. Eggo Waffles, Cheez-It Crackers and Keebler Graham Snacks all have special packaging and themes.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to be around a Disney Park in the near future, there are all types of Frozen themed foods. From milkshakes to cupcakes and twist on the iconic Dole Whip, tons of food options have that icy blue hue.

Plus, don’t forget all the fun Frozen 2 merchandise that is available. From Tervis tumblers to Minnie Ears to clothing, everyone can get decked out in the Frozen theme.

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Are you excited for the Disney’s Frozen 2? What would you serve at a Frozen-themed party?