Snuggle up with OREO and Shinesty, glass of milk is optional


As wintery chill blows across the U.S., OREO and Shinesty have the perfect, fashionable solution. Now, the only question is who will you double stuff snuggle with?

What’s your favorite way to enjoy an OREO cookie? Whether you twist, dunk or just eat a sleeve, the iconic cookie has been a part of many people’s favorite food memories. Just in time for holiday shopping season, Shinesty has partnered with the brand to create some epic fashion statements.

Food and fashion are having a moment. While the ugly holiday sweaters might have started the trend, all types of food have found their way into everyone’s closet. In many ways, you could match your fashion to your dinner every day of the week.

Many people are familiar with Shinesty and its unique take on fashion. The brand strives to make everyone embrace their tag line, “Stay Weird, Shine On.” This newest themed launch brings that bit of weirdness to one of the most iconic cookies.

The OREO cookie clothing offers some cozy, craveable-wear that pairs wonderfully with that chocolate cookie with a creamy center. Whether you double stuff or even mega stuff, you will never feel guilty wearing these fashions.

While the entire line is quite cute, the Double Stuf sweater could be “the” holiday sweater of the season. Granted, you will need to like the person well enough to share those cookies. Still, just think of the couch coziness that this sweater could create. Do you have someone who is your ultimate double stuff?

OREO and Shinesty partner on the tastiest fashion, photo provided by Shinesty

If you aren’t ready for that double stuff commitment, the OREO pajamas are perfect binge watching outfit. Sometimes a cookie just tastes better in pajamas. Even Santa would approve of this milk and cookie eating attire.

The OREO Shinesty line is just one of the many offerings from this clothing company. From holiday-wear to swimsuits to even custom clothing, the entire collection encourages everyone to unleash their own inner weirdness. Are you ready to shine on?

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What would you order from the OREO and Shinesty line? Do you have someone who would share your double stuff?