Giftagram and TRULY team up to bring you one sweet holiday gift!


Still looking for the perfect way to treat yourself or someone else this holiday season? Truly and Giftagram have you covered!

Let’s be honest. This time of year can be stressful when it comes to giving gifts. Waiting in lines, hoping stores don’t run out of what you want, it can all add up! Thankfully there’s Giftagram, which offers curated gifts for everyone on your list. This year, Truly has teamed up with Giftagram to offer one of the best gifts for 2019 — the Truly Survive the Holidays Giftagram!

Finding the right gift for someone, or even yourself, doesn’t have to be stressful this year. Plus, given the popularity of adult seltzers this year, everyone is ready to pop open a can, or two.

Check out what Giftagram says about this “holiday survival” kit.

"From those annual family interrogations about babies and weddings to the endless parties, the holidays can be a lot to handle. Enjoy every moment thanks to this limited edition survival gift box created in partnership with Truly Seltzer that contains all the necessities to get through the season!"

This gift set has everything you or a loved one needs to survive the holidays, including;

"6 cans of assorted Truly’s Hard Seltzer flavors“I’m TRULY on the naughty list” sweater — ideal for all those ugly sweater partiesCheers Restore pills (to help you bounce back after a night of drinking)A $25 Postmates gift cardBrumate hopsulator slim (to help keep your TRULY cold!)Stumptown Coffee house blend"

You get all of this for a mere $75, which is a sweet deal for this set. Give one to your friends, a family member you like, or just yourself.

Personally I want one for myself. Granted I get along well with my family, but this is one sweet gift set. Plus, this gift is the gift that keeps on giving. The sweater can really be worn year round, and the insulator can be used for more than just alcohol!

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Will you be buying this for yourself or someone you love? Let us know in the comments below! Cheers!