Pop Tarts get a sweet and salty makeover, are you craving a bite?


Crave a sweet and salty combination? Pop Tarts Pretzel is coming and snack time just got the tasty makeover that you’ve been craving.

Pretzels have always been a classic snack, but sometimes they are just boring. Pop Tarts Pretzel is coming and pretzels will never be boring again. Ready to take a taste test?

The combination of salty and sweet has become a favorite flavor combination. While it might sound like to opposite flavors, the combination balances each part. The touch of salty enhances the sweet. In many ways, that flavor combination makes you go back bite after bite.

The new Pop Tarts pretzel looks to bring that classic combination to snack time. While the classic toaster pastries tend to favor the sweet side, this new flavor offers a new twist. By using a pretzel crust, the flavor has a hint of savory without taking over the whole flavor experience.

Using pretzels in sweet dishes expands the flavor profile. Just like adding a touch of salt to an icing to enhance the sweetness, the pretzel dough will bring out the other flavors.

The new Pop Tarts Pretzel will come in two flavors, cinnamon sugar and chocolate. In some ways, both flavors have a huge amount of appeal.

The cinnamon sugar is reminiscent of a classic pretzel combination. Who hasn’t grabbed a warm pretzel and smothered it in cinnamon sugar? Whether enjoyed with a coffee or a cup of cocoa, this flavor combination has broad appeal.

As for the chocolate flavor, this flavor combination could become your new favorite special treat or dessert. For example, warming up this toaster pastry and crumbling up pieces on top of vanilla ice cream could be the ultimate dessert combination.

While this tasty discussion might have made people hungry, everyone will have till wait till January 2020 to do a taste test. Luckily, all the holiday treats will keep people satisfied till then.

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Will you be on the lookout for Pop Tarts Pretzel on grocery store shelves? Do you crave a salty and sweet flavor combination?